Thursday, February 12, 2009

Profile: Angel & Mitchell

If you're just perusing, you might want to wait until you get to the point in the story where I actually link to this profile to avoid any spoilers.

Mitchell Eckhart

Height- 5'11"
Estimated age- 18 in Paula's story (so 21 in present)
No rank
No power

Mitchell is just a normal boy who happens to know quite a few jokes. He's what they mean when they refer to an "Innocent--" that's someone who has somehow been unmarred by the world around them. He isn't ignorant or naive, but he's able to smile honestly and look optimistically towards the future. (This is probably why Angel loves him.)

He met Angel when he was around 14 after he'd been rejected by his village. Angel was about 16 and already in the Southlands tribe.


Height- 5'10" or so
Estimated Age- around 20 in Paula's story (so around 23 in present)
Rank- Full tattoo by the age of 18
Power- Agility. He moves very easily and very well. It makes him an excellent fighter and very difficult opponent.

No one knows where Angel came from. He just wandered into the Southlands one day when he was about 14 or so and quickly proved that he was not a normal stray. Never talks about his past. If anyone knows it, Mitchell is probably that person.

Smiles easily, appreciates a good joke, and time spent with friends. Wants to hope for better, but knows that things don't usually work out for the best on their own.

He is not wantonly cruel, but he often runs with Henri Smith's second in command. Sometimes it can't be avoided. He doesn't enjoy it.

Views on Sex (because yes, I think about these things even for side characters)

Angel views sex as something that should be shared between peole who care for one another. He reaches out for Mitchell cautiously, gently, and when Mitchell is receptive, a little forcefully.

Mitchell sees it as a way to thank Angel for taking care of him and being so kind.

And so I will add that it is definitely *that* kind of a relationship, but I think there are places that, even after all these years together, they haven't gone yet.


  1. Angel's view on sex is really interesting, given the things he's seen and experienced. He seems a bit innocent, himself.

    Man...I can see how thinking about these things could really help work out some character issues.

  2. I think he's an interesting character too. He's cynical, but I do think there's something of an innocence left in him. (The sim actually has the hopeless romantic trait, lol.)

    It really does help. Usually, if I've developed a character enough, I'll just know their view on sex. In some cases, their view on sex comes first.

  3. It's funny to read you talk about traits in the Comments. I sort of forget these characters are Sims, who would need to have traits and probably roll up silly wishes to go fishing before 6AM and go see a game at the stadium! LOL.

    And I thought it might be *that* kind of relationship!

    These two are very interesting. I love that even your side characters have so much depth to them.

  4. lol, you know I actually never pay attention to their wants. And did you know that you can actually get rid of all their traits? But I think their traits also add something to the animations sort of like the way TS2 aspirations add something.

    Thank you. Yeah, you see why it's difficult for me to focus? I swear I thought this story would never end.