Tuesday, September 1, 2009

About This Blog

Ruin is a story about a world and society in decay. Humans were once experimented on until the Revolution when the experiments broke free. Now the land is broken into three territories that are at odds with each other.

Full background of the world is here.

The stories on this blog  should be considered unpolished first drafts. I share these stories to experiment with storytelling and because sharing stories is fun. The Sims 3 is used to illustrate scenes for my own amusement and inspiration.

Currently, I'm in the process of turning Ruin into a series of interconnected novellas and full-sized novels. The first novel, Ruin, is a story which already appeared on this blog as Paula's Story. It was polished up and modified for the novel form, but the story is mostly the same in spirit. I won't be taking it down, though it is the rough draft. So read it for free here on the blog or purchase the ebook version. (More information is on the website for the books.)

For the curious: Listing of Hacks I use in the Sims 3

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