Wednesday, September 16, 2009


This story takes place in a world that is not Earth. I am going to explain the basic lay out of the world this story (and any possible future stories) takes place in, but I won't be able to explain everything. So please feel free to ask me anything.

I've never bounced this world off an audience before, so your questions are appreciated. They might help me define something that I haven't thought about before.

Note: Map is not neccessarily to scale

Neutral Territory

These are cities that are organized by an official government. This area is much more like a state than the other two areas.

They have a small army, specialized in neutralizing experiments. The buffer zone is their creation. It's meant to keep the people of the Wildlands out of the cities, but it seems to bring together more people than it keeps apart.

Called "Neutral" because they don't want to get involved. Their relationship with the neighboring Wildlands is a tenuous one.


The Wildlands are anarchy. Groups of prior experiments roam the land. Some take refuge in old buildings. A few are more well established like miniature kingdoms.

There are many different groups of people, and they all have different cultures of their own.

It is constant war. Territory lines often shift, except for a very few that are well established and have a strong culture.

The north is more sparse woodland that could possibly contain more dangers as there are more places to hide.

New! The Southlands are considered a part of the Wildlands and completely separate from the Lost Territory. Run by the Original Experiment who started the revolution, they have a large territory they protect and a very large village with plenty of resources. Due to their strong culture, complex organization and mandatory discipline, they are considered very dangerous.

Within the Wildlands are Farming and Manufacturing villages. These old cities are usually populated by the survivors of the revolution as they were the only ones who knew how to run the equipment. They are protected by a general agreement among all of those in the Wildlands that they are necessary and therefore sacred. Most villages are protected by the dominant group in their area, though the villages can change hands. And some more questionable groups have been known to attack or generally cause havoc.

Everyone is meant to be welcomed at the villages to trade for food and other supplies. Group leaders might meet at villages as a neutral ground where they can discuss alliances.

Lost Territory

Very questionable area where the worst of the worst congregate. Few buildings, and what is left is often rubble. Those who live here must strive to live. Some groups are rumored to be cannibals.

They are held back by the tribe of the Original Experiment. But that doesn’t mean some don’t slip through.

The Revolution

Before the Revolution, the Wildlands were a vast area of wilderness that the Neutral Territory cities used to use for industrial areas, farming, landfills, and other illicit activities (such as the labs which were set up in the Wildlands to experiment on human beings).

Neutrals, with their way of life rather comfortable, didn’t feel threatened by anything going on in the Wildlands area so it was easy to ignore any official support the labs were receiving from within their territory.

That was until the Revolution.

About 30 years before Michael and Edith’s experience in the labs, one experiment set off a revolution which moved through the Wildlands. Labs were destroyed as those formerly in control became the hunted and those who had been abused took power.

By the time Edy meets Michael in the labs, labs are outlawed on the Neutral Territory side. That doesn't stop some from experimenting or others from supporting it.


  1. I figure I already had a google account so it was easier to follow your blog.

    I really love your world. There's a lot of thought put into it and it's the sort of story that appeals to me ... a lot.

    I like the background and the details you posted here so that we can get a sense of what the world is like, although, you did that well enough with the story posts. I knew straight away that it wasn't your typical world and that's fantastic.

  2. Thank you, Carnaxa. Coming from you that means a lot. Especially after getting to see inside your head at VSS with regards to world creating and other creative processes.

  3. Hi Lunar,

    I think the Southlands is part of the Wildlands, but wonder whether there are more parts to the Wildlands like the Southlands, if that makes sense? And would it be possible for you to draw them on the map for us?

  4. Thank you for the updated map (maps are difficult to draw!) and the extra info on the Southlands! :)

  5. Hey Lunar, been wanting to read your story for a while now so I've decided to make a start tonight! lol

    You gave a very detailed description there, I loved it! And I'm looking forward to reading more! :)