Sunday, February 15, 2009

Profile: Jimmy Bennet

If you're just perusing, you might want to wait until you get to the point in the story where I actually link to this profile to avoid any spoilers.

Age: Around 30 in Paula's story (so 33 in present)
Height: 6'
Rank: Full tattoo by age of 16, Henri's Second in Command and future leader of the Southlands since about 18
Power: Unknown, but it's assumed he has something
Quirk: He's the only person that Brandon can't pick up any stray thoughts from at all. Possibly has to do with his power?

Words to describe Jimmy: Ruthless, cold, calculating, charming, handsome, cruel

All of my characters are frightening, but Jimmy is really the epitome of the Wildlander ideal. Even without any showy powers, he is a ferocious fighter. This is simply understood by those around him; it's part of who he is and his reputation goes far and wide. When faced with Jimmy many suddenly become more careful in their movements and ponder over every possibly questionable thing they've done that he might know about. What makes matters worse is his ability to look and act perfectly normal despite being a complete monster. It's like he has two sides to him, one the person he became due to stresses in his life and the other the person he could have been.

He does what needs to be done without hesitation or complaint, and Henri knows he can count on him.

Jimmy started his training much earlier than most and was trained directly under Henri. Henri saw it as a necessity for particular reasons. So Jimmy earned his rank much earlier than most. Henri doesn't command him, and has never really been able to control him. He seeks Jimmy's opinion and trusts him. It's a position he's grown into.

Jimmy is very close to Henri, and would definitely give his life for the man if there really was no other choice. (Though he has great faith that there is always another choice. One of the few things he has faith in.)

Basically raised Brandon. Is very protective of him, even now, though not as obviously so as when Brandon was a kid.

Views on sex (I'm such a perv): Fine for recreation, but he actually doesn't think about it very often. Might have to do with the fact that really, with a face like that and one of his rarer smiles (and that whole aura of danger! around him), he can easily have his pick. He's also pretty straight up about it, just him and one partner, always a girl. (And always a strong girl; someone he has some respect for or he wouldn't give her the time of day.)

Oddly (TMI alert), I see him having issues with a girl he really cares about going down on him.

10 facts about Jimmy

1. He lost his virginity at 15. It was not completely by choice, the girl pounced him.

2. When he was little, his favorite place was Rita's garden behind the bar.

3. He shuns the idea of fear. He spent enough time being afraid in his life.

4. Why Aaron? Truth be told even he doesn't know, but they are good friends and close in age.

5. He knows everyone thinks that Brandon is his only weakness and that's not true.

6. The shirt thing: most shirts are a hindrance, loose shirts get in the way. Best to always be ready to move. Plus it seems to make people uncomfortable, so win-win.

7. There is one fact I want to tell you, but it doesn't seem right. It is revealed in the text though, and surprisingly no one asked about it. (Maybe that was my fault.)

8. It's bad for him, but he has a tendency to smoke rather than drink. No altering of his perception.

9. He doesn't like to kiss women he's just having sex with. (Bet he'd be embarrassed to have you know that.) In fact he started smoking so he could have an excuse not to be kissed goodbye.

10. Jimmy is an excellent reader though he doesn't do it often. He showed an interest when he was a kid, and so Henri helped start teaching him, and he helped teach Aaron.


  1. I. Love. Your. Profiles.

    This is the first one I've read so far. :)

    It probably doesn't help that I'm fascinated by this guy, but still--perfect. I think I have an inkling of how to perceive his character.

  2. I agree in saying that Jimmy is a really fascinating character. I really enjoyed reading this profile to get a better sense of his character.

    (I really enjoy the views on sex sections because I'm also a perv.)

    You have inspired me to expand my character profiles more. It's something to do while my computer is dead. :p

  3. I'm with Nicole--I think the views on sex portions of the profiles are awesome. Probably because I'm also a perv, but I really do think it tells something important about the character--just as much as saying, "he could never leave someone behind" or "she has a thing for collecting lighters" etc.. It's an added fact that is telling. :)

  4. Rachel, I'm so glad someone other than me likes the profiles. XD I figure they're fun to make, but also I hope they offer supplemental information that people in this world already know but Paula doesn't. There's still a lot more to learn about Jimmy.

    Nicole, thanks. There's a lot Paula isn't going to see.

    And yay for the pervs! But I sure hope you get your computer fixed soon.

    I sort of figure the views on sex is something I haven't seen before on character profiles. I've seen people picking out songs and doing quotes or questionnaires, but who's been pervy enough to think about this stuff? XD

    Sex is something so personal, that I hope it's very telling. Maybe even in ways you didn't expect.

  5. Both profiles so far have been fascinating, so I'm glad you decided to put them up.

    I can say with certainty that I have never seen views on sex in a character profile before. I like it though. It can say a lot about a person in general. Jimmy can have his pick of girls and that could easily translate into him expecting to get his own way in other arenas as well. And wanting a strong girl - I doubt weakness is something he values in people he's not evaluating as sexual partners either.

  6. Thank you very much! Yes, that's it exactly. It won't always work this way, but yeah, I imagine the way jimmy view sex is very telling to the way he lives his life and views the people around him. Weakness is definitely not something he values, even in people he is not looking at as partners.

    And the whole expecting to get his way, you know, I didn't even think of that myself, but I think, subconsciously, that's very true!

  7. Oooh, I love these profiles! This makes me want to do profiles for all of my characters, though I'd never be able to, lol!

    Of course I also enjoy the views on sex ;) I agree with what everyone's said here, the way a person views sex says a lot about their character.

  8. Aaaaugh! #7! What is it?! Now I have to search through the chapters...

    Ewww for smoking, but hey...he's not perfect.

    I wonder what his other weakness is? Maybe...Aaron? Or Henri? Hmm...

  9. Hehe, I was so surprised no one commented on it! I will help narrow it down and say it was mentioned in Mary's bit.

    Jimmy is far from perfect. Well accept at his job. He's pretty damn good at that.

    It's possible that he has more than one weakness. Wouldn't that be surprising?

  10. Crap, I just noticed that I wrote "accept" instead of "except." That's what happens when I do not proof read my comments. Man, I have got to keep an eye on myself!