Thursday, March 5, 2009

Profile: Patrice & Melissa Sherman

If you're just perusing, you might want to wait until you get to the point in the story where I actually link to this profile to avoid any spoilers.

Patrice Sherman

Age: 22 in Paula's story (so 25 in the present)
Height: 5'6"
No Rank
No Power
Occupation: Runs the bar/hangout place in the Southlands village

Grew up in the village with both her parents. She's actually pretty stable!

Very honest and forthright, she looks like her mother and takes after her father. Doesn't take crap from anyone. Actually keeps a bat near by the bar for just in case, but she's never had to use it. She's well respected by all of the Southland people who come by her bar. She knows how to keep secrets and she's dependable.

Has one daughter. Lives with her mother and daughter at the bar as her father passed away over four years ago.

Views on sex: She sees sex as a dangerous thing for a woman. It's an idea she picked up from her father which was exemplified by her mother. Sex for a woman equals pregnancy which means being claimed by the father of the child. She watched it happen to plenty of her friends when she was younger and had decided it wasn't for her.

Uhm, oops. See Melissa Sherman.

Melissa Sherman

Age: 4
Height: short!
Power: Hasn't shown any, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have a power

Pat's little "oops." And what an enjoyable oops she is. She's strong willed, silly, a little mischievous, and quite stubborn. Enjoys playing in mud and looking at bugs. Doesn't like people who smoosh bugs. The fastest way to make her angry is to smush a bug in front of her.

Has no clue who her father is, but she likes to pretend it's Brandon. He shares her interests in the bugs and he doesn't smoosh them. Plus he's funny.

If she's quiet, you really really want to check on her.

Ten Facts about Pat

1. She does not think about how she's pretty despite Brandon reminding her of any chance he can sneak it in.

2. She's cool, seriously. Even before Brandon, she was liked by the people who came to the bar to relax. Her secret has to be her laugh and her smile. They come easy to her, and no one ever fears that she's not getting the joke no matter how raunchy.

3. At least once a year, when Rita points out Brandon's birthday, Jimmy and Pat go half and half on a bottle of wine for him. (She makes it and he delivers it, but the sentiment is there.)

4. She's always known she would grow up and run the bar, even when she was little. It wasn't until she was older that she started to think expectations might get in the way of her plans.

5. A friend does her hair. Her mother hates the braids, but Pat finds it so easy and useful.

6. Yes, she personally knows at least two of Brandon's partners because they do frequent the bar. Kyrene is one. She hangs out and drinks. The other only stops by to purchase bottles of alcohol for her own home/business, and generally has little to say to Pat.

7. Bugs actually creep her out. One of the few things that do.

8. Her favorite spot is the meadow behind the bar where her and Brandon used to sneak away to for time alone. She would never say this out loud though.

9. Her first time with Brandon she was so nervous she thought she would throw up. (She didn't.)

10. Oddly, she never really thinks about who Brandon's father is. She's never met Henri either.


  1. I really like these two.... I love Patrice's views on sex--mostly because she slipped. It makes her so very human and sympathetic. She got something wonderful out of her lapse, but it had to cost her a bit of pride to do something she viewed as a mistake on the part of others. seems that one of the more onerous parts of what she thought being pregnant would entail may not have happened--it doesn't look like Brandon 'claimed' her. As far as we know, he isn't interfering in her life in any way, and he certainly doesn't seem to consider himself to be tethered to her...

  2. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeehehehehe. I love Pat. And you are so on it!

    You have made very important observations about her, and Brandon too. As with anything, it's complicated, lol. I'm thinking I might end up telling her story after this one. I'll have to tell it at some point, I think.

  3. Hooray! A woman with opinions and views, a woman who will stand up for herself and a woman who has been given enough 'agency' by our esteemed author to do it! I love Pat too and look very much forward to reading her story when the time comes... :)
    If you say that Melissa hasn't shown any powers yet, but still could... then it means that either her father or mother have powers, right? I noticed you don't confirm Brandon is the father and I also noticed you haven't stated whether Pat is 100% human... so I'm painfully dying of curiosity here! :/

  4. Thanks, Moondaisy. I will probably have to share her story because she is an awesome fun character and she has a very different view on some of the characters that Paula knows.

    hehe, astute as always Moondaisy. Nope, I have not confirmed it. We'll learn why next chapter.