Friday, December 18, 2009


Paula and company started it all pretty much. A girl finds out some news that will absolutely turn her world over, and she'll have to get to know her new world and the people in it.

Time line - Three years ago (Same as Killer-- so Michael and Edith are 14 and 16 respectively here)

About this story:

This snipet of story did not go where I expected it to. I warn you that now.

The original project was called "Study of Me" because Paula learns some things about her own family that has her question herself and everything she'd always believed. Ironically, her "Study of Me" was more of a study of those around her. This story has managed to remain true to that at least. But it's become a completely different beast from the one it was when I used to just play write.


Chapter 1 Wait
Chapter 2 Brandon
Chapter 3 Family
Chapter 4 Stray
Chapter 5 Mitchell
Chapter 6 Punishment
Chapter 7 Henri
Chapter 8 Angel
Chapter 8.5 Clean up
Chapter 9 Jimmy
Chapter 10 Pat
Chapter 11 Maria
Chapter 12 Edge of the World
Chapter 13 Brandon's Past
Chapter 14 Time


Chapter 15 The Walk
Chapter 16 Breakfast
Chapter 17 After Breakfast
Chapter 18 The Green Eyed Tiger
Chapter 19 Distorted Truths
Chapter 19.5 Remember
Chapter 20 An Uncomfortable Dinner
Chapter 20.5 Searching for Comfort
Chapter 21 Removing the Blindfold
Chapter 22 Self Defense
Chapter 23 No Competition (Part 1)
Chapter 23 No Competition (Part 2)
Chapter 23.5 Brandon's Revenge
Chapter 24 Ghosts
Chapter 25 Lost
Chapter 26 Found
Chapter 26.5 The Favor
Chapter 26.75 Truths
Chapter 27 Next Morning
Chapter 28 The Lost Lander
Chapter 29 Don't look


Chapter 30 Wake up
Chapter 31 Choice
Chapter 32 The Thing
Chapter 33 The Human
Chapter 34 The Walk
Chapter 35 The Room
Chapter 36 The Morning
Chapter 37 On the Run
Chapter 38 Into the Wildlands
Chapter 39 Weakness
Chapter 40 Reunion
Chapter 41 Showdown
Chapter 42 Escape
Chapter 43 Return
Chapter 44 End


Bonus: Burning Night (A prompt which was a first view at Paula's story), Junk Shop Tour, Never on Time- One year Anniversary, Notes on Paula's story


  1. AAAAH the end is coming up. I don't want it to end. D: I'm going to be a little blue like I was at the end of Edith's and Michael's story.

  2. Holy crap, it's been a year since I first faked you out with the ending! Have I really been telling Paula's story that long? :o

    But now the ending is actually coming up here in a few more entries.