Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Family Tree

It you're a new reader or you're just poking through the blog with a possible intent to read the story, then you might want to avoid this post to avoid any spoilers.

Thought I would waste a morning and practice my family tree making skills. Well, I don't really have any. But it was a fun exercise anyway.

So here is the tree I made of Henri's blood relations. Mostly. I've left one off that has been introduced. :)

I also included ages. Math seems to be my weak point, but it's always been a semi-important part of this story because I've always bounced around between past and present (and sometimes future) so much.

The ages are for the current story, which is three years from the present. (Edy and Michael's story was set in the present. So Paula and Edy are actually the same age.)

Also, all ages are pretty much approximate. I know the ages, but Jimmy and Brandon probably wouldn't know their ages. Where they are, age isn't that important. Things happen when they do and you're either ready or not ready.

Paula would definitely know her age. In the Neutral Territory, you aren't an adult until the age of 18 and they celebrate their birthdays just like we do.

Vivian's picture is old. The last time anyone saw her this is what she looked like.

James Bennet was Henri's original right hand man.


  1. I dare not try it for Sullivan (can you imagine?) but I really like the family tree!

    Does that mean Vivian will be making an appearance sooner or later? The "would be 43" and your comment that it's an old picture have me wondering what's happened to her.

  2. lol, one for Sullivan! That's crazy talk.

    Vivian will at the very least be getting her own profile at some point. I think she's very important for many reasons.

    Basically, we can call her missing right now. No one knows what's happened to her.

  3. Lovely pictures, you did a great job with this.

  4. Thanks Poida. All those pics (But for the Brandon and Jimmy pic) are the original test shots I took for my sims.

  5. This is wonderful! I really needed it! Thank you!

    and just a know how complicated our families are. It wasn't difficult to set up extended family trees using tribalpages, for anyone who has huge families and wants to do something like that.

  6. That is so cool! I would love to do that for Crime Story! Lunar, can you send me an email (at my main blog, left hand side) and just tell me briefly what you did? No rush!

    And for some reason, I thought Brandon was older than Jimmy. Must be his presence.

  7. No, thank you, S.B. for being that inspiration. I think a visual aid is always helpful. I should've included this last post.

    Thanks for the tips about Tribal pages. If this every really gets out of hand (which it possibly could) I'll have to look into that!

    Sure, Drew. I'll try and do that tonight.

    Brandon actually looks older than Jimmy, lol. It's semi-fitting. He has a lot of Henri in him and Jimmy has a lot of their mother in him (but we can't say that to Jimmy :x).

    Jimmy's also been the more responsible one, and people also fear him greatly, so I like that he's a pretty boy who actually looks younger. Brandon's mature and childish, but he looks older. Ah I could go on, but I won't or I might let something slip!

  8. I really thought I had a left a comment on here the other day.

    I love the family tree. You did a great job. You can really see the similarities between the first and second generation here.

  9. This is brilliant, Lunar.
    It also explains to an extent why Henri would have Jimmy as his second in command.
    Thank you very much for this. :)