Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Junk Shop

If you're just passing through, totally okay to read this. :D

In Ruin, the junk shop is sort of like the bar is in those RPGs where people go to meet, make connections and hear a little gossip. The junk shop person has to know where to get the goods, who's interested in what, who needs what, etc. They of course also have to know what's worth what, what're good trades, so generally, unless the person running the junk shop is untrustworthy, towns people and tribals come to these people for advice. (Untrustworthy junk shop keepers don't generally make it very long though unless they're really cunning.)

So here's a little tour of my junk shop. Thank you to all the CC creators that are doing some conversions and making new CC, and also thank you to TS3 for being so versatile when it comes to decorating.

The market place in town is out of a beautiful old building. (I tried to find the link, but the internet is not liking me today. This gorgeous lot is over at MTS.) There are apartments upstairs, a bar (that's actually outside of the story, when I'm playing since Pat's bar can't really work like a bar because it's a home), a restaurant, a book store, and the junk shop.

People generally come to the junk shop to find things. It's a cheap way to pick up clothing, or find out who might have some furniture for trade, get utensils, or books and other non-necessities like perfume, make up, lingerie, etc.

In my game, when I'm playing, the Junk shop is the general store. I've put down a general store register, and usually one of the playables will run it. (Mike was running this one when I went it to make it more presentable for the story.)


  1. This all looks so awesome!

    I didn't know playables would run the register. Did you set that up somehow? Is this in a vacation hood or the base hood?

  2. Thank you Gayl.

    Thanks, Carla. I don't know what I did, to be totally honest. I think it's because the registers are in the base hood and there is no more room for extra sims to move in. All the houses are taken.

    It's kinda nice. Jobless sims are the ones who run the register. I think it helps them stay jobless too.

  3. the junk shop lady's attitude makes a bit more sense now. Awesome set dressing--perfect.

  4. What a great idea, and perfect in the world you've created. Not a regular shop, a junk shop! It looks fantastic too!

  5. Where do you find all that gorgeous CC.

    There are a lot of things I like about your story but the sets you build are always filled with atmosphere and with that sense that it's of our world but ...not if that makes sense.

    It's like another character in your story.

    Ah ... and those RPG taverns. They bring back lots of warm fuzzies. A lot of RPs I was in started out at taverns. Good ole days.

  6. Thanks, SB!

    Some of that stuff is awesome, isn't it? I especially love the books. Most of them are from Club Crimsyn, a few are by Ama who I found through My Sims 3 Blog. And Skeletal Screams, which started putting stuff up at GOS and now has their own blog. The milk crate and bike were originally for TS2.

    Oh perfect. Thank you! That's exactly what I want. I'm not great at building or decorating, but I'm working at it, lol. I definitely want that weird feeling you get from recognizing it, but not quite.

    Haha, yeah even at Gaia back in the early days, there used to be a lot of pubs and taverns. They had a sub forum for it I think.

  7. This is fab! Thanks for letting us see it.

  8. This looks awesome! I love the explanation about how it works, the information trade. That's so perfect for this world!