Friday, December 3, 2010

Intruder Pt. 1


At the sight of him, her eyes became wide, catching the glimmer of light, the corners of her mouth spreading in complete disbelief. She eyed Henri carefully before she slid into his arms in a move that was both awkward and yet the most natural thing in the world.

Henri stayed quiet except for her whispered name on his breath. "Anna..." For once at a total loss for words, he could only respond by tightly holding her to him, nearly crushing her.

"Oh god, Henri!" Henri's little sister seemed to shake in his arms despite how tightly he held her, and then I realized she was crying quietly against him.

Henri's brows, forever drawn down, were still in their usual position, but a subtle change had occurred. He held his younger sister tightly with his eyes shut as if they were the only two people in the room.

Suddenly I was the stranger in the room even though I had known him as an adult for longer than she had. The last time she'd seen him, she had been nothing more than a child, most likely unable to understand what was going on at the time.

Meanwhile, for me, it had been two years since my daring and reckless escapade that had lead to everything that came after. We were a fully formed group by then, working closely with Henri's people when we could or when we needed. But I was the one who worked most often with Henri. Something of a cautious trust had grown between us. I had come to expect him to behave a certain way, and he never seemed to fail to live up to my expectations.

Until that moment, when I caught a glimpse of the true man hidden behind the one he most often put forth.

I found myself staring at a crack in the plaster on the wall in an attempt to give him this moment without the reminder that there was a stranger intruding on this private scene. The small room filled with the soft muffled sound of her sniffing in an effort not to cry.

"Oh god, Henri." Her voice was as soft as her sniffling had been so that I hardly heard her breathe the words out. "They didn't know. I swear they didn't."

Henri tried to shush her gently, but she cut him off, her voice spilling out softly as she pushed back against him to look his directly in the face. "No, Henri, they didn't know. Mom said she never would have if she'd known. But then, after, after-- you know-- they wanted us to keep silent about it. They didn't want her to talk."

I glanced back to see her furiously wipe her eyes with her sleeve in one long yet harsh motion. "They took her. Because she would tell. She wasn't going to keep silent. She thought you were dead and she thought it was her fault."

Henri's eyes caught mine and I could see in them the tired and exasperated Henri that I was familiar with. He didn't ask me to leave, and I didn't move from my spot by the door, held there by her story.

"Dad too. They took him when he refused to let her go. The rest of us were put in one of their schools. If we asked..." She was looking up at him, so I couldn't see her face, but I could almost see the reflection on Henri's. If there was pain on her face, on Henri's it showed as anger and determination. "We had to stop asking. Mostly me. I had to stop asking."

Henri looked at me then, his gaze hardened with anger and frustration, and I simply made a small nod before I stepped out of the room and headed over to Wiley.

Wiley sat in front of his computer working on layouts and plans with a can of fruits near by his computer within easy reach. He turned to me as I stepped into the room with a smile on his face. "How're things going? He starting to act human yet?"

The smile disappeared from his face quickly after a good look at mine. I took a seat near his computer desk as I expelled the air from my lungs in one frustrated sigh, my hand coming up to my eyes to rub away the bad thoughts.

"Wiley, do you ever just hate the world?"

"I live underground and eat out of cans. Would I go through that much trouble if I loved it?"

I wiped at the tear forming in the corner of my eye to head off any other tears with the same thought and smiled at him. "Right. True."

"So things are going well enough to hear her story then." A shadow crossed over Wiley's face as he looked down into his can of fruit. "It can't be pretty all things considered."

I shook my head without feeling it necessary to go into detail.

"Pretty awesome of you to set this up though. I'm sure he'll appreciate it."

"I told you; she basically blackmailed me. And him. Our hands were forced."

"She offered to help."

"She threatened to get involved. That wouldn't have helped us, least of all her considering who her brothers are."

Wiley shrugged before taking another spoonful of his canned fruits, his eyes glancing over to his screen one second before he completely froze in mid chew. Light from his computer screen hit his cheeks and lit up his eyes as he put the can down and began to tap at the computer.

I hopped up from my seat to stand behind him. "What is it? Something's wrong."

"Maybe. Maybe not. Someone's in the inner tunnel system."

Intruder Part 2 -->


Unfortunately, I didn't get to show her very much here, and I didn't make her a profile because she was a surprise that showed up yesterday when I was writing. I mean, I've always known about her, but I wasn't really expecting to see her and need a sim for her.

I made her by turning Henri into a girl and going from there. He is a really unpretty girl.

Then I edited him, softening features and making them a little more unique until I got her. Front Side

And then tada! Henri has his little sis. Who came in and saved the day. I went from having nothing a day ago to having two updates. :D


  1. Oh, wow! I don't know why, but I never considered what Henri's family might be like and what their reactions would be. His sister! And she blackmailed them into a meeting.

    Hmmm...the comment about who her brothers are is chilling. I get the idea that they are not people who are sympathetic to Henri or Cheryl's cause.

    It's so interesting to me that Cheryl worked with Henri for years--not just a week or a month, but years! It makes more sense now that he would send someone for her, either to end her life if she's too far gone or to get her out.

    I wonder if he already knew that his parents were taken? He has ways of getting information, so it wouldn't surprise me if he did know. But if he thought they sent him away on purpose, then he might not have felt the need to bother with a rescue or anything. Or maybe at this point in his life he doesn't have the resources he will in Paula's time...

    Gosh, I've written a book as a comment, sorry! So much to think about here! A perfect update!

  2. Wow, yeah, Henri really doesn't make a pretty girl at all! But that's how it usually works, with the more rugged Sims. The ones with softer features, you can usually gender switch pretty easily.

    But anyway, a glimpse of yet another side of Henri! The man is multi-layered, isn't he? What a grueling experience his family have been through. Or, perhaps, are still going through. Anna doesn't really say where their mother or father are now.

    Why is Anna free now? Are people released from the schools after a certain age, or once they're satisfied that they won't run around asking the wrong questions?

    Like Rachel, I was also thinking about Henri's resources. Was he as powerfully connected then as he is in Paula's time? That sort of power is usually built up with time, I guess.

    "She threatened to get involved. That wouldn't have helped us, least of all her considering who her brothers are."

    So Anna has more brothers? Are they Henri's brothers also? I notice she didn't mention them while she was talking to Henri. My curiosity is definitely piqued about that. And about who is in the tunnel system!

    Argh, I think I've asked too many questions! But seriously, wonderful update!

  3. Henri has a sister? Interesting. I wonder how she'll tie into everything. Is she still alive in Paula's timeline? And what about their brothers?

    Those "schools" sound horrible--more like prisons. And their poor parents! :(

    Wow, Henri makes a freaky-looking girl O_o It's a good thing Paula takes after Cheryl. Anna looks nice, though.

    Wow, scattered, incoherent comment is scattered and incoherent. Sorry about that :S

  4. Oooh, brothers, in plural! I want to know who her other brother is! (I assumed Henri was one of the ones she meant.) I also wonder if he's also Henri's brother too. I can't remember if you've mentioned much about his family before this?

    And I don't think we've seen him hug anyone (especially like that!) before! That was quite a moment!

    I'm still trying to decipher all that Anna was trying to say to him about their parents, and what happened. Yes, there is some discrepancy, because the file had said that his parents had gotten rid of him - yet here, she makes it sound otherwise. Very curious about that!

    Oh wow, so Henri and Cheryl have quite a bit longer of a history than I'd assumed from the start. And I'm guessing she's not had Paula yet here, which means that's still to come ;) I love that they have such a history together, and I can't get enough of it! I want to know everything!!!

    Awww, and how cute is Wiley!? I might love him a little, lol!

    Yes, and who is in the tunnel!?!

    And can I just say, wow, Cheryl is hot!? She's looking super cute in this one. (Not a wonder he had to go and knock her up! lol!)

    Oh, LOL, Henry is AWFUL as a girl! He looks like an alien! LMAO!

    Okay, now I think that's all I have to say, lol! Is that enough? ;)

  5. Whew-- trying to decide what I can tell you all and how many questions I can answer, lol! Okay, I think I've got this.

    Rachel, really? Oh man, I think about stuff like this all the time. I write out different scenes of then somehow running across Henri and what would happen and what he'd say and what they might say.

    And yeah, his sister blackmailed them. I haven't competely figured out yet HOW she found out, but I know she did, and I have an inkling how. She's actually a surprising woman. I hope that I can show that next update more.

    I'm have to admit my surprise that everyone assumed that it had to be a one night stand with Cheryl and Henri that lead to Paula. Cheryl was no bit player in any of this, but I think she... well we'll probably get to that! (I say probably because it's in my head but not re-written yet.)

    That is a good question! I don't even know if he knew. Cheryl definitely doesn't know. It actually wouldn't surprise me if he didn't know though. I think he might have actually stayed away and not contacted them for good reason.

    lol! You know I love book comments. It perked up my afternoon to read your comment when I took my break.

    Carla, lol! For reals. Well, I guess that's a good sign then. I bet Jimmy would make a pretty girl...

    Oh yes, there are layers and layers to Henri-- most hidden and made by him. He's like my world's ogre.

    Oh, that's a good question! At this point in time we can only guess that you're correct. Most likely they were satisfied when she stopped asking that she wouldn't ask anymore. Cheryl has mentioned in one of her entries that people generally don't ask questions, so it's not a difficult thing to believe.

    I think there's a lot of different ways to be powerful. Henri might have some power here at this time, but he also might not be aware of how to properly use it yet.

    For the family, Henri is the third child of four. Anna is the youngest. And they all share the same parents. And nope, Anna did not mention the other two (at least with Cheryl in the room), and that wasn't an error on her part. Good catch on that one-- seriously. It's not easy to notice a lack of information, lol!

    Thank you!

    Van, all good questions. Anna may not tie in further than this, to be honest. She was a freakin' surprise on me. She even wormed her way into my brain. The character has some skills.

    Very true. That's how I picture them. I bet Anna has some interesting stories to tell!

    lol! It is a good thing Paula takes a LOT after her mom. Phew!

    Laura, so far all I've said about Henri's family is that he's the third child out of four. I do imagine all four kids have the same parents (unless they throw me another curve ball).

    I don't think I can imagine him hugging anyone else like that. His little sister though...

    Oh, I hope that part wasn't confusing. Though there is indeed a discrepancy (almost a contradiction). I do hope to get to that too, if Henri will let me. But you know how some characters are. If they won't they won't. (But I bet Anna would!)

    At this point in time, if my calculations are correct, Cheryl has two years before she has Paula. Oh, I think we'll see more of them. I think right here, they are not sleeping together. But maybe they'll surprise me! (I wouldn't put it past them.)

    Wiley turned out way cuter than I expected, lol.

    Also you thought Cheryl was hot here? I thought she was so sexy a couple entries ago with her hair down and wearing the old sweater. I'm REALLY surprised at how that sim turned out. It fits her perfectly.

  6. "She threatened to get involved. That wouldn't have helped us, least of all her ..."

    I can see Anna as the child who constantly asked "why" and was never happy until the answer was as detailed as it could possibly be. She points out that, of all of them (and I'm assuming she means her siblings as she's already said her parents were taken away), she was the one who had to learn how to stop asking the questions.

    It seems to me, though, that she really only just stopped asking them out loud for a time until she stumbled across something that led her to Cheryl and she was able to start asking questions again, questions that would lead to her being reunited with Henri.

    I'm wondering if Anna's "blackmail" was that she wouldn't stop asking questions, knowing that Cheryl and Henri woudl have to agree to meet with her or risk the chance that the questions could get both her and them into trouble - captured, killed, or worse?

    "... considering who her brothers are"

    So, did her brothers learn a little too well how to stop asking questions? Are they now involved in keeping the secrets? Were they brainwashed in the "schools" and forced into service by the government or whoever is running the place these days? Amazing how a few little words can raise so many questions.

    It was nice to get a glimpse behind Henri's facade, however briefly. Anna seems so much younger than him, but is that simply because of the life he has led or was she a baby who arrived later in life? If Henri is the third of four then there's no one between him and Anna.

  7. +1 for the Heineken shirt.

    Wow, interesting to see this side of Henri, you tend to forget that everyone is human, with thoughts and emotions that are sometimes never shown.

    Another great chapter mate :)

  8. Things are starting to make more sense to me even though you haven't revealed all the details. Henri's long association/relationship/partnership with Cheryl. Whatever happened to him as a child. Whatever happened to his family. All of it begins to explain why he is who he is.

    I was never sure what you thought about Henri so it kind of surprised me that you referred to him as your 'ogre'. Yeah. The mysterious giant in the castle who might be hiding in the castle because he was badly hurt or he might be hiding there to jump out and get you.

    Anna the powerhouse...she is definitely Henri's sister.

    I love this update!

  9. Illandrya, ha, I could definitely see her that way. I really think I want to get more into her, and I think she's wanting to talk to me more, so I'm going to have to get on that right away, lol.

    Or maybe she only stopped asking out loud.

    Cheryl told you what the blackmail was-- Anna threatened to get involved, lol.

    All good questions. I'll need to get on Anna's story ASAP. I almost have this image of her reading comments over my shoulder and going, "Oh tell her- tell her this!" Meanwhile I'm telling her, "Tell her yourself!" lol! It's been a while since I've had such a pushy character.

    I think that yeah, Anna was definitely an oops baby. I see a large gap between her and Henri (8 to 10 years).

    poida, I'm now pressed to keep finding awesome shirts for Wiley to wear, lol.

    Exactly. And that is exactly the thing I want to focus on. No matter how horrible, they are all humans and they've all made their choices in life for better or for worse.

    Thank you.

    SB, I'm glad things are starting to make sense. I sort of hate that things are reveals so slowly because then I do feel like a tease, but Henri isn't a character who'd sit you down and tell you about his life. He won't even bother justifying his actions or sharing his thoughts. He's very closely guarded.

    Also, you bring up an interesting point-- does it matter what I think? Truth is I don't think anything about any of my characters when I can. I do love them in their own ways, but I try to not make judgment calls on them because if I do, I worry that it'll effect how I write. Basically, I present them the way I see them and I try not to be squeamish about them or force them into any box I think would fit them better.

    And yeah, Anna is definitely Henri's sister in that way, lol.

    Thank you, I'm glad you liked this one. Sometimes I worry I'm depressing you with these stories, but you always come back and show your support, lol.

  10. I like that Henri has a real family feeling toward his sister, the chest crushing hug again spoke to the many layers that makes up Henri.

    2 Years have passed, is Cheryl still sleeping with Henri? "lead to everything that came after" does she mean, Paula?
    so many questions. The fact Henri did not ask Cheryl to leave, speak to the trust that exists between them. I am sooooo curious about their relationship!

    Cliffhanger~ Intruder Alert! Nice place to end it Lunar~

  11. Darn it, I know I commented earlier!

    It's probably good to see that Henri does have real feeling towards someone one. He's not completely incapable.

    Good question! At thin point, I'm leaning towards, no, they aren't sleeping together. But I won't know for sure until Cheryl out right says it.

    Thanks Drew!

  12. I read this awhile ago...I needed to really let it sit and simmer. Every time I learn something new about Henri the more he changes like light off a prism. Multifaceted man. A depth of character that I did not expect.

    The idea that there is an intruder makes me wonder if they were tracking his sister or Cheryl. And is the intruder actually a bad guy or maybe some kind of ally.

    I am also curious about Cheryl and Henri since Cheryl is obviously not pregnant here...are they still having mind-blowing sex?

  13. Thank you Gayl. Henri really surprises me too as a character. There is a lot under that crusty surface of his, but he's probably so used to holding it all in by now.

    It's a good question, and I feel a little bad about that. I definitely think this is an important moment, just not in Cheryl's story...

    Haha, good question again. I don't believe that Henri and Cheryl are having any sex here, though they do work together.