Friday, March 13, 2009

Profile: Mike & Maria

If you're just perusing, you might want to wait until you get to the point in the story where I actually link to this profile to avoid any spoilers.

Age: 22/23
Height: 6'
Rank: Full tattoo by the age of 18/19
Power: Can make things and parts of things disappear. Things include people.

Age: 16
Height: 5'4"
Rank: Higher end of beginning, skull tattoo and beginnings of flames
Power: Has limited clairvoyance (about ten seconds or so). Can't stop things from happening. If she tries they happen anyway.

It is difficult to say one name without the other. They've been together now for only a few short years, but it seems like they've always known each other and always been together.

Mike is one of Brandon's best friends. They met when they were both young and first beginning their training. A man of few words, Mike doesn't speak very often, and when he does he speaks with authority and only says the words he needs to so that they often come out sounding like orders. Even then, he is never loud. He never has to raise his voice to be heard.

Maria says a lot, but her words aren't wasted. Everything she says is important. Yes, she does more talking than Mike, but she never speaks for him. Trying to find out more about Mike through her is a fruitless endeavor.

Mike found Maria when she was 13. At the time she was a stray, hungry and dirty and very wary of any strangers. She saw him coming and tried to avoid him, but still walked right into him. The fight she put up was vicious, but he was not only well trained, but a natural fighter.

Somehow they reached an understanding. He took her in and began training her.

Despite all she's gone through, Maria has a very strong faith in a higher power. Mike has absolutely no faith and a distinct lack of trust in anyone who is not Maria or Brandon. But he is a very honorable person.

Views on Sex:

Mike says it's none of my business. Not in so many words, but yeah.

For Maria, it's not big deal. It's not like she's a virgin anymore anyway. Granted, it was not by choice, but now she chooses Mike and he won't do it with her.


  1. Hmm...

    As usual, it's the Views on Sex that steal the show here... Mike won't touch her? Interesting.....

    I wonder if it has anything to do with his power? More likely it is because he is honorable....intriguing!

  2. Mike can makes things that why he won't have sex with Maria or is he more brotherly toward her? Maybe it makes him feel vulnerable.

    Now I am more than intrigued.

  3. Hmmm, like Gayl, I'm caught on Mike's power too. He can make things, or parts of things, disappear.

    Is it spoilery if I ask if he has full control over his power? I know some of these characters don't.

  4. You three all make good points. I never thought about his power as being part of the issue he might have touching her.

    Rachel, I assumed that it was because he is honorable. There is some reason he's holding back, possibly because of her own past which he now knows.

    Gayl, it just might make him feel vulnerable. Or maybe he worries it makes her vulnerable? Maybe that's part of why he's training her.

    Carla, nope, not spoilery. I'm pretty sure he can control his power. Don't wanna be locked into anything, but I don't see him having any issues with it.

  5. I love these bios/profiles, great in depth look at the characters. Hmmm. No sex between Michael and Maria? Perhaps he cares for her far deeply than he lets on, thinking sex will bring an intimacy he can not or will not handle. Oh dear, my romance writer is coming out...

    Michael, is hot by the way.

  6. Thanks, Drew. I have fun making these things.

    Haha, I love seeing your romance writer side at work. Also, you're another one who I trust to know hot men, so I definitely thank you for Mike, lol.