Thursday, April 16, 2009

Profile: Kyrene

If you're a new reader or you're just poking through the blog with a possible intent to read the story, then you might want to avoid this post to avoid any spoilers.

Height: 5'6"
Age: 25 (28 in the present)
Rank: Full rank at 18
Telekinesis- can move things with her mind, generally limited to her own strength though she has surprised some people and also great at very fine motor skills.

Where to start with Kyrene? She is and also is not anything like anyone would expect.

Beautiful and sensual, but fierce and ferocious, it's best to stay on her good side and stay far away from her bad side.

She was raised in the Southlands after the revolution. Her father was one of the men who helped build the Southlands with Henri Smith. He was one of the first people to "bond" with the woman he called his wife starting the ritual that Southlanders respect today. When a couple feel strongly about their union and would like to dedicate their lives to each other, they get rings tattooed on their fingers in matching designs. It is a very serious ceremony that very few follow through.

Kyrene is very much a strong mix of her mother and her father. Both of her parents were known for their bravery and strength, and she's no exception.

She's earned all the respect she gets, and there isn't a soul that would say anything bad about her behind her back. People don't automatically fear her the way they do people like Jimmy or Aaron, but they also know that she is dangerous and are aware of that.

Family: Kyrene has one younger brother who isn't a part of the tribe, and her father, who is still alive and very much a part of the tribe. Her mother passed away when she and her brother were both young.

Views on Sex

Kyrene's view on sex is both unique and at the same time not. She isn't embarrassed about sex, and she freely admits she loves it. Men or women, single or group she enjoys play and experimentation and is well known for it.

No one would ever call her a whore or a slut, and anyone who did obviously doesn't know her.

But sex and business do not mingle. She is not the sort of woman who would use sex to trick someone. If she needs someone dead, sex won't be involved.

Short list of characters you know that she has not slept with (excluding Paula of course): Pat, Maria, Henri, Jimmy, Mitchell. Anyone else is suspect.


  1. I notice Brandon and Aaron's names missing from that list!

    I think you said on Twitter than Kyrene had made a cameo before and now I'm racking my brain trying to think of when. If you notice some crazy person going through all of your chapters later on, spending only a few seconds on each, you'll know who it is!

  2. *nods*

    OH yes, she sort of has. She's actually in Brandon's profile! She's the mysterious black haired girl in his last picture.

  3. Oh! So she's the one who knows how to press Brandon's buttons, eh? Hmm...

    Very interesting woman. I bet she knows a lot about a lot of people....I wonder if Paula will ever meet her? :)

  4. Yes, that's her. More like she knows just what to think. Kyrene isn't shy and she's not insecure. She is the perfect partner for Brandon.

    She probably does know a lot about a lot of people, not that she would ever tell.