Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Profile: Stephan

If you're a new reader or you're just poking through the blog with a possible intent to read the story, then you might want to avoid this post to avoid any spoilers.

Height: 6'
Age: 19 or 20
Rank: None
Power: None, just a very good mechanic and electrician

Stephan was born in the Lost Territory. This is a fact that he likes to hold back and reveal once a person has gotten to know him better. It always makes him smile to see their surprise.

He's very smart when it comes to machinery and he visits the nearby villages to help them out with inventions or keeping important machines running. Sometimes he even shows the villagers how to work a machine, or fixes up ones they might find abandoned. In his own way, he's an ambassador of the Southlands.

Stephan also has a basic understanding of electronics, something he picked up in the Southlands village from their own electrician, the village leader Gloria. (Henri gets those batteries from somewhere after all.) So he's working to reintroduce electricity to the villages and the city as best as they can. It's a long standing project.

He has a good relationship with his sister, Kyrene. She is very protective of him, but has come to learn that he can take care of himself and rather well too. He isn't shy in front of the high ranking tribals like Jimmy or Henri, and they both know him and respect him for it. He is a tiny bit absent minded and easily distract-able, but he will always try to do the right thing.

Views on Sex: Why would you even ask him that? Embarrassing! It's not that he doesn't think about it, but you know, other things manage to get his attention.


  1. I missed that Stephan was Kyrene's brother! Was that ever in the main story? Possibly it was and I just forgot!

    So I guess Stephan will be making an appearance in the next story? I hope so, because I'd like to learn more about him.

  2. Awww, Stephan has a crush on Paula!?! I read the epilogue too fast, but I can see it now. :D

    And LOL @ his views on sex!

  3. Carla, it was said here by Brandon who mentions he's Kyrene's little brother in passing. (I don't know why I love that phrasing so much. I don't hear Brandon being introduced as Jimmy's little brother when Brandon is standing right there. Just Stephan.)

    I can see him coming back one of these days. I have a feeling he's just going to be a rather important character.

    Laura, LOL! Yes. He has a big ol' crush on her. But I don't see her being ready for it yet after everything. Plus, I don't see him being quite as smooth as most anyone else. I think the trying to get her drunk was his attempt at being smooth, but I can imagine that she didn't really see it that way.