Saturday, October 10, 2009

Chapter 5 Relax

The Ultimate Soldier holds a drink out to me after pointing at a chair until I sit down. "You're making me tired watching you clean up after us."

The entire group has been here for at least two days, but this has been the first time in those two days that I have seen them this relaxed. Most of them are smiling and laughing amongst each other while sipping at these smelly drinks. Michael sits with his arm casually wrapped around Gina. This is the most relaxed I've ever seen any of them which worries me. They're already a messy group when they aren't so relaxed.

"Haven’t you grown into a pretty little thing?" The one I only know as Madam says with a smile and a wave of her hand.

The Ultimate Soldier smiles that teeth baring smile. "Yeah, if he gets tired of you, I could find a use for you."

A chill runs down my back as I'm sure I get his meaning. I don't know much about such things but that its the last thing I would ever want. People like me who get used for pleasure are the most expendable. So it is a very good thing that the idea hasn't ever seemed to pop into Michael's head.

"He's been saving her since she was ten; he's not going to give her to you any time soon." I realize that she's most likely being dirty, but the other meaning is true as well. I dip my head to look at the surface of my drink. Michael has been saving me for years even as he exposed me to the worst of it.

The Ultimate Soldier grins at that. "You know that shit's not like alcohol. It doesn't get better with age. I thought I taught you better than that."

It seems that everyone loses some focus again, returning to their separate conversations. The fumes from the drink handed to me stings my nose a bit and makes me nauseous. The whole situation is completely out of place for them and for me. Before Michael, my whole life had been spent finding fun things to do on my own, and my life with him has been about keeping quiet among such company. As strangely welcoming as they seem now, I don't feel right sitting among them.

The one next to me leans forward to introduce himself to me. "I'm Dave. Don't worry if you forget; you'll never remember it, anyway."

"I won't?"

He points to his head. "I sort of make thing fuzzy."

His face isn't one I recognize from my years traveling with Michael. But his eyes are vaguely familiar, probably just from seeing him around the last few days. They’re kind, almost understanding. While the others are loud and boisterous, he seems content to sit back watching them as if he were as out of place as I am.

I glance at Michael. Gina has finally managed to earn his full attention. The sight makes me sick with worry.

What if he invites her to stay here at the house? I wouldn't feel safe with her here. Perhaps he really has forgotten what he said that day on the hill when he showed me the house. I guess, just over time, we both fell into our current roles, me as servant and he as the master of the house.

Dave leans in with his friendly smile. "You haven't even taken a sip of your drink."

I eye my drink again aware of the scent and my stomach. "Is it even safe to ingest this stuff?" I whisper. "I'm pretty sure it might be poison."

"I can't refill it if you don't drink it."

Dave grins at me, and I'm suddenly very thankful that he's even there at all. My eyes keep on wandering over to Michael with Gina making my stomach turn itself inside out. I really want to leave, but the others have noticed my silence and have decided that now is a good time to tease me a little by asking for cooking or gardening tips.

None of them are being mean about it though there is an edge to their teasing that suggests they’re looking for any excuse for more dirty jokes. "Find someone to do it for you-- then don't kill them?"

The Ultimate Soldier's laugh can be heard over the other's chuckles. I can see Gina's annoyance at Michael's smile. A small ping of satisfaction almost makes me grin though I know it isn't justified. I've only stopped her advance for half a second. He'll be with her all night.

When I realize that, I become antsy again. It's time for me to go. Gina has thrown herself back into her work trying to get Michael to bed, and the others have lost their focus again.

Putting my cup down on the ground near my leg is the easy part. I glance around quickly to be sure everyone is properly distracted before I slowly stand up and walk out of the room. If I move too fast, I am sure they will notice and then think of something else to tease me about.

Once I am in the hall, I sigh.

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  1. I was so happy when I saw that you'd updated! What a horrible situation for Edith! I am intrigued by Michael and Gina's relationship....for some reason, it seems like he's the type that wouldn't indulge in such er...behavior without some sort of ulterior motive in mind--some sort of power it would grant him.

  2. Oh, the poor girl, my heart breaks for her in this one! They're a very forward group, aren't they? Dave seems different though, I wonder if he really is...

    I'm very interested to find out how they fell into these roles, since from what we saw of their childhood, they seemed something of equals. Or even, he seemed the more vulnerable one in the very beginning.

    Great chapter! Can't wait for more! :)

  3. Oh, good observation, Rachel. I'm actually doing a lot of writing exploring Gina and Michael's "relationship." Is it real or fake, and what does he get out of it? Edith is definitely off balance here because it isn't normal behavior for him.

    Thank you, Laura! I am hoping that the next chapter will shed a little light on what might have happened to have allowed for Michael and Edith to sort of fall into the roles they have. He was certainly the more vulnerable one at first.

  4. Hmmm, I'm just not sure about this Dave guy! He looks kind but looks, and even actions sometimes, can be deceiving.

    Is there significance to what they're drinking? Is it just alcohol or is Edy being very wise in avoiding drinking it? The others seem to be drinking it, so it got me thinking.

  5. This chapter really emphasis Edith's role. That Michael doesn't stop them from saying what they to her says a lot about who he is when he's around them.

    I felt so incredibly sorry for her having to take it and not be able to say anything back without inviting more of their jests.

    The class distinction is definitely evident here.

    Fantastic chapter as always.

  6. That true, Carla. I mean, Edy of all people should be very aware of that!

    lol, No, there isn't really a significance. It's probably just alcohol which Edy wouldn't really have been exposed to before.

    Hmm. That's true, Carnaxa. He is kinda of a cold jerkhead here, but well he is a cold jerkhead.

    Of course, this whole Edy sitting down and "socializing" is rather unusual. So I'm just going to point to the preview pic and the quote for this chapter from the Art of War. (I'd also like to point out the breakfast scene from Chapter 3.)

    Thank you so much for your encouragement! Each chapter I post is almost becoming nerve wracking as we get closer and closer to the end of this little story.

  7. What a group dynamic going here. Michael sitting in the center of the room,(I am assuming it is the center, LOL!) while the rest are all around him, in their distinct roles. With Dave as some kind of observer. To what end? I felt for Edy here too.
    Great update!

  8. Actually, that's a good observation, and one I didn't even notice. He is pretty much in the center of the room. I knew there was a reason he wanted that couch! And the others are moving around him.

    Thank you for reading. :)

  9. Another great read and very thought provoking.
    Who is the enemy? (Please don't tell, I love just mulling it over and I'm sure all will become clear.)
    Edy is regarded as an object, a pet... and Michael let's them think and act like that. Even a servant should not be made subject to such sexual innuendo. But in this world 'experiments' have all the power, isn't it?
    That last picture makes me want to cry...

  10. Hehe, I'm glad you're reading the quotes as well, since I've tried to use those as clues and as prompts.

    Experiments do have all the power, and as far as things usually go in this world, I'm sure none of them see a problem with their behavior. I mean, they're not touching her. She's still breathing, right?

    But there is another side to this entry. I will have to revisit it later. Once the story is done.

  11. Oh, your last line has me even more intrigued now! (I'll definitely read you final version all over again!)

  12. Oh wow, poor Edy, being stuck in that situation, out of her comfort zone. Glad she was able to escape, can't write more, need to devour the next chapter!! :D

  13. I know Edy was out of her comfort zone there, but I really like that there was someone there who mildly took interest in her-in a kindly way. I like Dave for some reason, and I like that he makes things "fuzzy." That'd be a useful power in some situations.

    As Carnaxa said up above, the class distinction is pretty tangible. You really have captured true life through your characters, beyond this complex world you've created. Real people in all parts of the world face what Edith is going through.


  14. His power is vague, but it is important.

    And thank you very much.

  15. Nice update!

    when i saw the very last picture, I really felt bad for Edith. If I was in her place... omg!

    Madam, Dave, Gina, Ultimate Soldier... you've made and developed some great characters.

    I'm finding I like michael less and less. I wnat to know what made him so powerful and edith so weak.

  16. Thanks, Bbop. Yeah, even the side characters have stories. These characters wander around the world in my head running into random characters when I least expect it.

    I know. Poor Michael. 'Cause I actually really do like him as a character, lol.

  17. Oh my gosh, I feel so bad for Edith. She is the servant and he, Michael, is the master of the house. What a way for her to live. I guess it's better than being out on her own though.

    Love your shots Lunar! You capture just the right expression for each piece of text.

  18. It is a horrible way to live and think of yourself, but it is better than her being out there on her own.

    Aw, thank you so very much!