Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Scrap 1 : The Dream

So first of the scraps. I'm pretty much going to leave these as they are, so don't put too much weight on them. They're just sort of a fun quick writing session that spilled out and surprised me.

Michael sat up in the dark, pushing the covers down.



I’d forgotten myself. His little Suzie’s utterance of his name had seeped into my own brain. Mentally, I used it to have something to call him. Vocally, I’d only said it once fully before he told me not to.

His breath was slowing down from its slightly rapid pace. He ran his hand across his eyes.

“Are you all right?”


I’d asked expecting that answer. He wasn’t all right. If I didn’t know him, I’d say it was a bad dream. But what kinds of things could he dream of?

My instinct was to distract him. At the same time, my instinct told me to not touch him. Michael would let me know if and when he wanted to be touched.

“What do you dream of?”

“Who says it’s my dream?” He shoved the blanket off and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Is it her dream?”

Michael didn’t say anything at first. I didn’t expect him to. “Yes.”

It surprised me. I hadn’t really expected an answer. I sat up, unsure of what to say. For the moment, I felt close to him as if he’d actually opened up his own mind to me. But the wrong question would shut it again.

“What does she dream about?”

“That Night. Me.”

Then I couldn’t stop myself, instincts be damned. I slipped up carefully, crawled to him and wrapped my arms around his shoulders and across his chest. I didn’t know what he meant by “that night” so ominously spoken. Their past was something he didn’t talk about. It was something no one spoke of. Though I know Soldier was there for it.

By the time I saw her for breakfast, I hated her. She lived in her own little world completely oblivious to what had been done for her by him. Did she see him as a monster? He’d only protected her, sheltered her from the actual cruelties in the world.

“Better set another place, Suzie.”

She had no idea. She was ignorant. Sheltered. Innocent. And only because of him.

(Ends at Chapter 3 Arrival)


  1. This adds another dimension to that particular chapter, provides another slant on things.

    Love the picture there. Says volumes.

  2. oh yeah it adds another dimension. You just held the silk up to the light and turned it and there's a whole different pattern there.

    The shot smacks you between the eyes. Beautifully, beautifully done.

  3. You've done such a good job characterising these people that I found it really easy to illustrate most of this in my head.

    As Carnaxa and SB have said, it definitely adds another dimension. It's always interesting to see the same situation through two different characters' eyes.

  4. Thanks guys. Gina sneaked into the story in a way that surprised me to be honest. She is jealous, but she's not just jealous.

    I can't wait to give her a voice. If everything works out like planned, and I don't get derailed.

  5. Hellllooooo!

    You have probably noticed by now that I'm a horrible reader. Disappearing for weeks and then catching up all at once. On the bright side, though, when I come back, I have big chunks of story to read in one swoop. And your last big chunk was great!

    Still blows me away, how detailed and rich this story is.

    On a totally random note: I've been meaning to say for a while now that the Sim who plays Gina has the perfect look for the part.

  6. Darn. I had a mouse accident. That anon comment above is from me.

  7. lol, that's okay Catherine. It's nice that you stop back in at all. :)

    Aw, thanks. Lots of years. The next part is becoming just as complicated in another type of way. Kind of hard to direct these things sometimes!

    This sim Gina came out well. Originally, I was going to use one of the sims in the neighborhood, but then I had an accident and accidentally deleted her. Oops! Worked out for the best though.

  8. This was wonderful to read! And I love seeing how it fits into the story we just read. Gina has a very intriguing place in all of this, and I can't wait to hear more from her.

  9. Oh yes! This is brilliant!
    I love to see what happened from another perspective.

    So Michael actually sleeps with Gina! And she hates Edith... only by the time she saw her for breakfast.

    Wow! That puts a different spin on the original chapter for me altogether.

    This is great! :)

  10. Thanks, Laura. Woo, late reply. But I think you might like Gina. She a strong woman.

    Thanks, Moondaisy. Yes, Gina and Michael do have what I would classify as a relationship. I've had to spend some time thinking about it, and I needed to take a break from it I think.