Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bloopers, Clues, and everything else

I tried very hard to take myself out of this story completely, even trying to remain impartial when I replied to comments. That was very hard, and I'm sure that I didn't always succeed.

So here's where I let you know what I was attempting to do. I am completely biased, but just because I'm the author that doesn't mean that anyone who saw it different was wrong. (This is something we've covered in the comments, but just in case someone doesn't read those, I want to make that clear.)

So first off, 'cause this is fun, a blooper.

As I took the picture, I noticed this but kept in because it was too cute:

From Chapter 4

Look in the back, waaaay in the back. Can you see a black shirt and a yellow shirt?

No? Try this version:

Can you see them now?

Here's another "hint":

When I was getting the pictures for the dream chapter, I ended with them standing near each other thinking the other alluring. HOURS later, they were still there when I came through with young Edith and Michael.

Things I tried to do throughout the story:

Text - first off, no one but Edy ever calls Michael "Michael" out loud. I tried to hint at that in Chapter 3 with Gina at the table and Edy's little dig, and out right show it in Chapter 9.

No one touches Edy except for Michael. There are only two exceptions, one doesn't end well. The other...

Visual -

Michael is not pleased here. And you can't really tell, but Madam (the blond in the back) is looking a little worried. (Chapter 9)

I tried not to be obvious about it, but he was meant to be watching her, keeping an eye out on her, at the end of Chapter 3 here when the others arrived.

Drew caught this one in the middle of Chapter 7! It was meant to be much cooler. I wanted to have Gina reaching for him and him pushing her away. But any time I had her suggest they cuddle, no matter what I did, he always accepted. Bastard. When I had him reciprocate, she would refuse even though they had just been cuddling seconds before.

No real story behind this one from Chapter 4. I just think this is the perfect picture for how I see their story. Edy is looking away and Michael is concerned. She doesn't see it, and he doesn't know what to say to her.

Test Shots

In my head, after writing enough about a character, I have a general idea of what the character should look like. With Sims 3, I will create a character based off of what I see in my head and then run them through test shots-- I guess sort of like casting a part in a movie.

Well, Michael started out as a teen sim originally. But then I wanted him to be taller than Edy. The only way to do that at the time was to make him an adult and leave Edy as a teen even though she's two years older.

So then I had to run them through test shots of all sorts. These were some of the pictures of them I got.

Doesn't this one almost look like a romance cover?

This last one was my favorite. Looks like he's ready to kiss her forhead as she worries (which she does so well).

After the test shots, I realized that Edy had a tendency to appear worried in most anything she seemed to do. Maybe I'm just imagining it, but I swear she does. And then I knew the sim was perfect.

So what the heck happened?

As a final note I think, I'd like to give Moondaisy the prize for guessing out loud exactly what I was doing! She read the quotes in the pictures and pieced everything together in one swoop over in the comments to Chapter 7:

"I have no doubt that Edy is the 'sacrifice', but whose?

"Michael could have very well pretended not to notice Dave, to bait him with Edy by letting her stay in the room for a drink. He may actually have let the other experiments tease her and created the impression he was totally absorbed with Gina... for Dave to let his guard down."

Exactly what I was aiming for. But it goes wrong when she completely disappears, something he hadn't expected would happen.


  1. I always find it very rewarding to look at the story from the author's point of view after reading.

    LOL @ the bloopers! I remembered you saying in Sims 3, you could have several copies of the characters running around, and I always wondered if you ever bumped into any of the others in shooting :)

    I always meant to ask, if no one else calls him Michael, what do they call him?

    Those are some great "romance cover" shots! :)

  2. I have more than several copies I'm afraid by now. It's starting to get messy. Of multiple ages too. I need to start cleaning up my act a little. XD

    That is a very good question! But I am not answering that completely. Those who do know him probably call him "sir" if they want his attention. He has a name he's called by those who don't know him, but I'm not sharing. ;D

  3. This was very cool - it's always interesting to read what was running through the author's mind at certain times.

    You know, I had noticed that Michael was taller than Edy but it never occurred to me that he was an adult. Duh!

    Having multiple copies of Sims running around town must be strange and an annoyance at times. It makes for a good blooper reel though. ;) I never would have noticed Edy there in the background without her being pointed out and it took me three looks before I saw Michael.

    I can definitely see the permanent worry on Edy's face. I kind of love that about her. It works perfectly for her character.

  4. Oh How I miss stretch skeleton! But it's not so easy now to make a sim taller or shorter. :(

    Surprisingly, the multiples isn't so bad, generally. But that's usually because I take a lot of indoor pictures. XD

    It does fit her. But then, she is really good, so anything not good would worry her.

  5. This is great! I didn't catch a lot of those things, and I'm so happy to know what you were going for, because it just adds to the richness of the story.

  6. Thanks Rachel. This story was so unfair to come out first. Michael is a heck of an interesting character to write about and play around with. He gives unfair expectations about the next characters to show up. XD

    But now you know what kind of stuff I do, especially with the visuals. They're not needed ideally, so I want to make them useful from time to time. Watch out for those background details!

  7. I like the background info you've given us here. I miss a lot of things in the visual pictures, I get too engrossed in the narrative most of the time.

  8. Thanks Carnaxa. I figure the pics should be separate from the text. You shouldn't need the pictures, so they should do an extra little job sometimes other than just being there to break up the text.

  9. Goodness me, Lunar! I only found these through clicking 'newer posts' and they have been there for ages...

    I loved this pictures. So good of you to keep giving us insights in your working process.

    Thank you for this! :)

  10. Oops! Sorry, Moondaisy. There were quite a few entries I posted up in celebration of actually finishing! They are linked in the Michael and Edith chapter index, but I didn't link to them in the VSS thread which is the only other place I post updates.

    Thank you. :)