Friday, April 16, 2010


Sunlight washed over the plants in the park making every thing appear to be a glowing green, vivid and alive. The air was fresh, still slightly moist with the slowly drying dew that had coated everything when the children had started to arrive that morning. Mary lifted her head, brushing her hair back behind her ear as she took in the scent of the flowers beginning to bloom and the freshness in the air.

There was something magical about it. Like her favorite fairy tale book. She felt as if she could do anything. Intoxicating.

It was still morning when he stopped by. It was his lunchtime because he started so early. He'd dropped Brandon off before the sun was out. She expected it and always made sure to be there to receive Brandon if only to see those light eyes of his brother's fall on her with a glint of appreciation.

He stood under the very large tree near the playground, leaning against the trunk with his arms crossed. It made the others nervous to have him standing there watching them, but Mary didn't see a problem so long as everyone was doing what they were supposed to do. Unlike some of the other parents, he'd never gotten mad at her, so she really couldn't see what the others were afraid of. As far as she was concerned, he was the most reasonable of the caretakers despite his supposedly being so protective of his little brother that it terrified the others.

Mary stood with her hands behind her back watching him out of the corner of her eye. The kids didn't really need her. They'd been pretty good so far, and with him around they were exceptional. It was almost comical to her the way everyone started to suddenly behave with him around.

She caught his eyes fall on her and it made her stomach flip. One hand rubbed her belly as she turned back to the kids on the playground. Brandon could read thoughts sometimes (it was something he was supposed to keep quiet, but felt he had to tell her), so she had to make sure to keep hers under control. It had to be obvious though. Some of the others had started teasing her about it. "Maybe he'll show you The Room," they said. The supposed room he had that he could take his victims that not even the Leader of the Southlands would go. A place where he had free reign to be as terrible as he wanted. Mary had heard about it, but she didn't believe it.

She tried not to think about it. He didn't stay long, just for his lunch time usually. It made her wonder when he ate on the days he hung out there because he never brought himself any food. Mary patted her pocket where she kept her apple for a snack. Sometimes she shared it with Brandon if he got really hungry because he came so early and lunch was so late for him. But Brandon seemed fine today, and their lunch time would be soon.

She turned and walked up the slight hill where he stood still under the tree, the apple in her hands to stop them from shaking and give her something to focus on while she did something absolutely insane by everyone's reckoning. Even he looked slightly surprised when she stepped up to him with the apple outstretched, offered.

"I never see you eat."

He looked ready to refuse, but Mary held it out firmly to him, almost shoving it at him. If she was more familiar with him, she would have just put it in his hands and then held her hands in her pockets.

"Thanks." His eyes watched her much too sharply. They were so clear in the strangely bright sunlight it reminded her of the way the light hit the dew hanging off the plants and the playground. The light shone through them and almost seemed to reflect back. She turned away, her hands behind her back, to watch the kids on the playground. She caught one pair of bright blue eyes on her, saw possible concern wash over them, but it could have been in her imagination. Brandon was really too far away to read. The other caretakers hardly glanced back at her. She could practically hear their thoughts like shouts in her head and she wasn't even a mind reader.

He actually was eating the apple. Not in large bites, but small bites that were almost polite. It surprised her and almost made her want to laugh.

"You make them nervous, you know."

She kept her eyes on the playground and she imagined that he was doing the same. When he spoke, there was a lightness to it, almost as if he were grinning.

"I know."

She glanced at him and there was a small curve to his lips and a slight narrowing of his eyes as if it wouldn't take much to make him smile. Mary swallowed her heart, trying to mentally shove it back into place while praying that he wasn't a mind reader too like Brandon. Not that it mattered; something told her he could read it on her face.

Her heart fought its way up, tugged up by the corner of his mouth. "Why do you come here?" The words blurted out without her meaning them to, but her brain and her body seemed to be on different planes fighting completely different wars. But it was too late to take them back. She cringed while trying to not cringe, but she couldn't look away from him.

He turned towards her, one arm still on the trunk of the tree. "Just keeping an eye on my brother."

Mary nodded as if she could understand the weight of responsibility he bore raising and protecting his brother. "He's fine; I promise you. I watch out for him." She didn't add that it was because the others were scared to-- because of him.

Even leaning against the tree with one arm he stood taller than her. Mary was aware of how close they seemed to stand together, but she hadn't moved and he'd hardly moved either. Her heart beat too hard and it made her feel unsteady on her feet so she leaned back against the trunk of the tree for support, her hands pinned behind her. She tried to look away, to look out over the kids as if she could really pay attention to them with her legs feeling so wobbly. Instead, her eyes caught his which almost looked to be smiling still. It wasn't what she would have expected from someone that frightened the others so much.

"You do realize why they're scared of me?"

There was a way he said it-- his lips seemed to pull back, not in a smile, not in a threat. It was more of a grimace which she couldn't outright explain.

She couldn't outright lie. Mary nodded her head because she was pretty sure she knew why they were scared of him even if they never gave specifics.

"I don't think you do." He said it softly, his keen eyes on her clearly reading her even better than his little brother could. "Otherwise I'd have to ask if you're normally this stupid."

His words weren't harsh. She'd almost describe them as tender in some strange way. Somehow the space between them almost didn't exist, and she wasn't sure if it was just her mind playing tricks on her or if he'd actually leaned in closer. "Not normally, no."

That made him smile, and it surprised her how a smile seemed to change his face. He looked her age, and so handsome that she knew exactly why she was being stupid. Of course, she couldn't be the only one to have made this discovery, and so it suddenly made sense why everyone was so curious about him.

"Maybe I'll explain it to you some time." He said it still with a smile. "Thanks for the apple. I've got to head back."

Ages: Jimmy and Mary ~15 (Brandon would be around 8

The Ghost -->


Thank you to the Chaos Carrier mod by ChaosMageX. He's slowly throwing mods out there that are making it easier and easier (and even more fun) to get some of these pictures.


  1. Firstly, Jimmy must really hate shirts at his age, either that or he likes everyone to see those abs :-)

    Having been the victim of many a crush at that age, you described her actions perfectly. It reminded me of what I was like whenever I approached a boy I fancied.

    Jimmy is very hard to read. From Mary's perspective, he doesn't appear happy that everyone is afraid of him, yet, his last line to her ... it kind of gave me the shivers.

    'That room' also gives me the heepie jeepies. Kind of wonder if that's where older Jimmy is taking Paula!!

    I do get the sense that Jimmy is curious, maybe even intrigued by Mary because she isn't like the others. She's actually extending a hand in friendship to him and perhaps no one has ever done that to him before because of his reputation. After all, if everyone fears him, then Brandon is better protected than any other kid.

    Still, it worries me that a boy his age could be capable of the things that have been alluded to. What that sort of situation could do to an impressionable young man. How far, how deep does it go? Can Jimmy really change? Can he really, truly ever love?

    Does he love his brother or is it more a duty or a "flesh and blood must stick together" mentality.

    So many speculations. I am loving what is being revealed about Jimmy.

    He was such a menacing figure in Paula's story, that big dark cloud over everyone's head but in this offering, we get to see a bit more of him, his past and the people he came into contact with.

  2. LOL! It's hot there... yeah. That's pretty much my main excuse. Oh and he was training in the morning. Those two sound good enough to feature shirtless guys frequently, right? (Plus, in Jimmy's case, I would imagine he doesn't like shirts, and he would like creeping people out a bit.)

    Yay! I had to think back. Man that hurt. It's been a while, and I was never a girl to approach someone I liked. I was more of a hide-out-around-the-corner-omg-did-he-just-look girl.

    I always worry with Jimmy about how far I'm pushing things. The last thing I want is for him to become a caricature. But at the same time, Mary does find it a little humorous. He's just a boy, right?

    There's quite a bit more to explore with Jimmy. I'm very much enjoying this look at him. You're asking so many good questions! Definitely those will probably come up again, and if I do my job right you might be able to answer them yourself.

  3. Blargh...I think it did eat my comment.

    Most of what I said just echoed some of Carnaxa's thoughts. I am intrigued by Jimmy, so I'm loving all of this. I would probably be that stupid.

    I am surprised that he has that much power when he is so young--even the leader of the Southlands won't interfere with whatever goes on in The Room? That's pretty significant. I'm thinking that Mary's interest in him will not end well.....we know that Jimmy's father was violent and abusive, so I'm wondering if he inherited those traits.

  4. Seems to me that Jimmy is flirting with her, or as close as he can come to it. At least he seems to be aware that she's a bit flustered, and, apart from showing off his bod, all he knows is that power gets people what they want. So. Hey girl. I'm scary, I'm powerful, but said said more to impress her than to terrify her.

    The pit bull puppy who sort of thinks he'd like to be petted, if he understood what that meant, but he doesn't really, so he's showing his teeth and wagging his tail at the same time.

    Your ability to capture the finest emotion, and to avoid caricatures, is astonishing!

  5. Rachel, I'm glad you're intrigued by Jimmy. I think he's rather an important character. And I'd like to think I'd be that stupid too, lol.

    Jimmy is indeed surprising in that area. He'll have the full tattoo by the time he's 16 when most people get the full tattoo at around 19/20. There is definitely a reason for it.

    Definitely hold onto those suspicions.

    SB, I think you're right. I can see him telling himself that he's going to scare her off, but she's obviously intrigued by it, so he must know he's not doing a great job at it.

    LOL, great image. At this age, he actually would be behind the others his age regarding girls and all that. He's not only working hard to rise in rank, but he has a little brother he is caring for.

    Aw, thank you.

  6. It's like she knows she's playing with fire, but she doesn't know how combustive it is. And she doesn't care.

    Oh, this piece was so electric! Every thought and every movement was nuanced with it!

    But man, he scares the crap out of me! lol! Let me just say, she is one ballsy girl, because I'd be about running by now, lol!

  7. "You do realize why they're scared of me?"

    There was a way he said it-- his lips seemed to pull back, not in a smile, not in a threat. It was more of a grimace which she couldn't outright explain.

    It seems that there's at least an element of pride there and that's what Mary is almost picking up on. I think Jimmy is pretty pleased about the fact that he frightens people.

    At his age, it is impressive. Not impressive in the way that I'd want to spend too much time with him myself. But to have a whole population of people terrified of you at the tender age of 15? Mary is a brave girl. The mere mention of "The Room" would be enough to send me running, whether I knew anything about it or not. It just sounds so ominous.

    Sidenote, but I found Mary in CAS last night. With that stupid face she's making in the thumbnail and that cowboy hat, never would I have guessed she was such a cool looking Sim!

  8. Laura, I am so glad that comes across. She's almost reckless. This was the key element to her character that I didn't see clearly before.

    Carla, I think he is too. It sort of surprised me, but you're right. He's only 15 here, and he knows he makes people uncomfortable. He rather seems to enjoy it.

    There's definitely a reason for it. We'll get to it sooner or later.

    And lol! I know, right? She's actually pretty darn cute.

  9. Even at 15, Jimmy is scary. Already the tattoo on his back.
    I am almost reminded of beauty and beast here for some reason.

    Lunar, I am in awe of your writing, if I haven't told you before, truly, well done. The emotion you evoke is truly amazing, so subtle, but not.

    Poor Mary, the teen crush. The thumping heart, the unsteady feet. Making stupid remarks because the guy is so dazzling to look at.
    Too bad Jimmy is scary. LOL!
    Well, to me, anyway.
    great update!

  10. Beauty and the beast seems to be a common theme I have running through this story, lol. I actually called myself out on it with Michael and Edith's story.

    But thank you so much. That means more to me than I can express. For so long I never shared my real writing with anyone ever, just wrote and wrote for fun and myself.

    And if you think Jimmy's scary, wait until Friday.

  11. You describe Mary's emotions in such a wonderful way. It is so clear she has a crush on Jimmy, but there's more.
    She feels intoxicated by her surroundings, embuoyed by the beauty and power of nature all around her. I think she is one of those persons who believes there is something good in every one.

    Her offering was so kind, brave even, but it also reminded me of Adam and Eve. What will this apple do for Jimmy... who eats it with appreciation!?

    Lovely intermission!

  12. I'm glad you caught that. It's a beautiful sunny day, and she's certainly absorbing some of that beauty of the nature around her. I think she would definitely have been one of those people to believe there is something good in everyone if not for... well we'll get to that.

    Ha, yeah, that's true. I sort of had that thought too about Adam and Eve. Hard not to with her offering being an apple after all.

    As for your question, it's more insightful than you know.

  13. Yay, finally got caught up after my absence.

    Great stuff, this insight into Jimmy's past is interesting. He's definitely an unsettling character.

  14. Jimmy is such an enigma. You know what he is like, mostly by reputation and word of mouth, but he is still a kid and almost acts like he is courting her. In Mary's position she is right to not be afraid but she is almost cavalier about her boldness with him and that can be so dangerous. She really doesn't know if he is stable or not.

    I hold my breath every time I read one of these updates. Like I am waiting for the shoe to fall and something awful to happen but then it doesn't. Jimmy and Mary's story is sweet in a scary sort of way. I credit your writing for that. You have made each character so real, so human, so believable and three dimensional.

  15. Thank you, Poida.

    Gayl, thank you so much!

    Though I do feel a little bad, like I'm toying with your emotions with the waiting for something bad to happen, lol.

    Cavalier is another good word for Mary's behavior. She really doesn't know if he's stable. I have to wonder if she's really even thinking here or just doing. But in the next entry I hope to shed a little light on her and her actions.

    Also, sweet in a scary way is perfect, haha.

  16. Lovely writing and pics, LunarFox. I also really like the look of your Sims. Mary has a lot of character in her face -- very cute!

  17. Jen, thank you very much. I say that a lot, but I always mean it. It still surprises me that anyone even reads along with me, lol.

    Mary was a surprise. I dunnno if you saw my comment up above but she's actually the premade adult sim with the cowboy hat that has a really stupid expression on her face. The sim herself is actually really cute.