Thursday, June 10, 2010

Info: Ranking fights

If you haven't read the story, it's okay to read this.

I have not exactly worked out the ranking system for this tribe yet, I'm still feeling along generally, but this is what I imagine.

There are probably only two ways to gain rank: Through service (where one can be granted a rank) or through the ranking fights (where someone proves themselves).

The ranking fights are more of a way to get noticed though than to get proper rank. Someone can fight very well, and one of the higher ranking might notice them and start training them. People do gain rank through the fights, but people can loose rank too. For those who are younger, less experienced and still in training, they generally go up and down in rank.

Sometimes, a person comes along and blows everyone away. I will tell you that Angel was one of those people. He came from elsewhere and was taken into the tribe on a trial basis because of his abilities. The first time he participated in one of the ranking fights was pretty much his last time. He fought so well that he made it through matches with higher ranking people until finally Jimmy came down and challenged him. And Angel jumped to the higher ranks where he doesn't need to prove himself and he's earned enough respect no one messes with him and no one would mess with Mitchell who's under his protection.

The hows: I imagine the rules are pretty simple. You can use your power, but you can't hurt anyone. I mean, everyone needs to be in good shape after this, they can't be hurt or maimed. And if you can't control yourself enough to not hurt someone, well then you can't participate which can be bad for your reputation. They fight until the other is disabled, and usually there are referees hanging around on the balcony to call fights. (Usually it's the higher ranking ones who don't have to fight, like Jimmy, Henri, etc.)

I don't see these being done in one day, though previously I used to imagine it as just one day of ranking fights. So if I slip up and suggest it's a day, sorry. Only recently I realized that's not possible, and it would leave them too vulnerable if anyone were to attack. So if would have to be done probably tournament style and last for a few days.

After the ranking fights there's then the moving day. It's why most apartments are bare. They have to pick up their stuff and move to the apartment their rank gives them. For those that are lower ranking, this really isn't necessary as they usually share apartments with others of their rank. But for key ranks, they have particular apartments which are generally strategically placed, and those people have to move up or down. The upper floors are for those of upper ranks.

lol, I know, it needs some concrete work to actually be done on it.


  1. Rank is always based on power. What you can give, do, or provide in relation to what anyone else can give or to or provide. You can smash them (strength). Or give them something they need (a better cow -- food). Or just something immaterial people really want (that's why people with athletic ability or beauty have rank - people simply like it). Entertainment cannot ever be discounted with human beings.

    Or you can scare them half to death by convincing them you've got some way to control life and death, weather, disease, etc. The gods. Probably the most powerful rank of all. Is Angel one of those people? Is Henri the ultimate priest figure? Do it because I said period.

    I'm curious how you're going to manage the fights. Staged fights usually don't result in anyone but the one setting up the fight coming out on top.

    Fascinating topic!

  2. Do these ranks have names? What does each rank entitle the person, other than a new apartment placed at the head of the village (as it were)?

    I like the idea of this though, as it has a very gladitorial feeling to it.

    Would then the highest ranking make up a "governing board" while those of a lower rank were, say, servants in a matter of speaking? How then would a servant move up-well, maybe he was petitioned by a sponsor and allowed to join in these fights?

    There's a lot you could do with this, for sure! I'm going to get carried away if I go any further, but I thought I'd share my ideas! :D

  3. "You can use your power, but you can't hurt anyone. I mean, everyone needs to be in good shape after this, they can't be hurt or maimed. And if you can't control yourself enough to not hurt someone, well then you can't participate which can be bad for your reputation."

    This caught my attention. It makes perfect sense but it's not something I'd considered before. I like the idea that there's some kind of order, nobility even, in something that seems almost primitive and savage at first glance.

  4. I'm curious as to how I'll manage the fights. I mean simming wise of course, if I ever get to that point.

    In the story, I've seen it in my head for years. The fights aren't rigged or staged, they're honest. I see it more as something that the tribe members brought about, one of those things that sort of just grows. 'Cause what else have they got to do?

    But you've pretty much hit the nail on the head. I do believe in the idea of threats keeping peole in line like 1984 and the constant wars. It's happened in real life with the threat levels. Remember that? That always made me laugh. I saw right through that right away.

    Henri is something of a reverent figure for those who are younger who have grown up in this world after the Revolution. But I don't believe it's something that Henri himself buys into completely, and yet at the same time I don't think he can avoid buying into it just a bit-- if that makes some sense.

    MM, dang it, making me think! Hmm... I don't know that they have names. I see it as being something that's simply understood. Maybe eventually there will be some names that go along with the ranks after a while. Like they'll know that so and so is in charge of the training of the younger soldiers. I'm sure after a while, people would come up with their own name for that position, but at this point and time in the story, because the whole thing is still relatively new, there aren't any names.

    I see the ranks as someone getting more responsibility, more respect, more trust and generally more control. Someone who's a good fighter, like Angel, ends up being in charge of an apartment complex and all the people inside it. (So I imagine that technically, Angel's of a higher rank than Brandon is despite Brandon's connections.)

    It is very Gladiator-ish, lol.

    In a manner of speaking, yes. I wouldn't call the lower ranks servants, but they are sort of like the peasants fighting their way up. There's always the possibility at a fight that one can train enough to get noticed. That might mean that they get a "sponsor" and by that I just mean someone who sees potential and decides to train them, which might make their life a little easier. Other times that might just mean winning a new higher rank.

    The fights are always open to any tribe member or potential tribe member. I don't see anyone else joining like a person from the village, though I imagine that it definitely could happen.

    Hmm, is any of that making sense? I swear I'm too easily distracted lately, lol. ANyway, thanks for all the ideas and questions to help push me towards the right track.

    Carla, exactly! Wow you've done it again. Yeah, that's it exactly. It's something that looks savage and primitive, but really there is an order to it, and a nobility around it. I think this here would have to be an idea I keep and write to myself when it comes time to develop this idea further.

  5. This makes a lot of sense--I can see how useful it might be in a tribal structure like this to prove your rank every now and then. It provides validation of the perception of power, while providing opportunities for advancement based on a type of merit. There's no tenure in this business--there's a built-in system of challenge to those in power which probably keeps them from becoming lazy and resting on their laurels. I'm relieved that no one is hurt, though.

    I'm a little surprised that people can use their powers...just because it suddenly made me wonder if powers can ever fail. We already know that there are times when you can't use your power (Jimmy seems to be immune to many of them), but I'm sure they train a lot because of that very issue. I wonder if the powers ever fail for other reasons (are they dampened when they are sick? Do they fade the older you get?)

  6. Powers are as varying as people, so I suppose they could fail after a while. I would also guess that some powers might even wreck havoc on a person's body or mind after a while which might be the case with Jimmy's dad.

    But it is very important that they learn to not depend on their powers. Killer after all can turn powers off.

    But some powers are integrated into a person's body, and they can't turn it off, like Maria's clairvoyance. She won't be disqualified for having that bit of an edge just because she can't stop it.

    So really, it's up to each person as to whether they'll use their powers or not if they have a choice.