Wednesday, June 16, 2010

When left alone...

I'm going to take a break this week. I don't really have the next part written out yet, which is unusual for me. I have pieces, but not the next part yet.

So while I take a break, I think I should show the dark underbelly of working with sims 3 sims to take the pictures for this story.

When left alone, their traits have a tendency to show. My favorite sim though is Brandon. He often draws his brother into a game of tag. Yes, Jimmy, who runs around playing tag until his mean spiritedness makes him stop and accuse Brandon of being childish.

I left Brandon alone for one second, and when I found him again, he was doing this:

He was making the car noises even.

He's wanted to be a politician for a while, and in my village, he is a politician and doing well thanks to Twallan's Story Progression Mod. But once I installed Ambitions, he wanted to become a fireman.

Isn't that just like a kid?

Well Brandon does get this want a lot:

You know, basically every time there's a fire near by. (Luckily Henri and Jimmy are brave sims, so they'll put him out if he ever does an Amberle.)

Brandon is the one sim who's a perfect caricature of the character in my head.

Anyway, that's not all. Lots of stuff has been coming out this week. Including OMSPs that you can put sims on. So here's some teaser images.

(I found out here that you don't want to leave sims standing on those. They'll pretty much disappear, so take care with these things. Use an extra save file, back up your game, something before you let sims walk off those.)

I think TS3 story telling is basically complete for me.


  1. You know sometimes you really do just have to wait until you see it, and 'it' takes its own sweet time coming clear. It will come, and it will be as wonderful as your work always is.

    Those shots are hysterical! Playing with cars and making car noises. And playing with fire. Now that's not a surprise!

  2. Oh, goodness, how funny! I think I said something many weeks ago about how strange it is to think of your characters as Sims - with traits, wishes and all that sort of thing. And it's pretty strange to see them that way too!

    Man, I LOVE those posed shots you have at the end there. The one with Alex's (that's his name, right? Too lazy to check the last chapter!) arm draped around Paula is phenomenal.

  3. I couldn't get my sims on the height ones or make them disappear, even with the mod. :/ When I did mmo, they just went through it.


  4. Thanks, SB, for the support. Sometimes you just need a different way to look at things, and a lot of the time it sort of needs to rise itself up to the surface. I can feel it burbling, so it's pretty close to being there.

    LOL! Yeah, I adore him. He cracks me up when he's left alone.

    Carla, I can see how it would be strange. I've actually started playing them, so I'm getting used to it now. Brandon is the biggest character. He's like the guy always playing pranks when they're filming a movie, lol.

    Thanks! That was mostly an accident. I was just testing things out to see how well it would actually work. Yes, his name is Alex-- that's pretty good off the top of your head! I love how it looks like she's leaning towards him, her eyes gently closed. Really she's blinking and I have no idea what she's looking at, lol.

    Anon, hmm! That's weird. I can only think of a couple of things. Firstly, it possible something else is interfering. My game kept freezing when I would use these, and I found it was all of LemonCandy's clutter that was conflicting. So maybe you have a hack or some other content disrupting the objects.

    And you can't make the OMSPs disappear even with the script? I would really suggest taking everything out of your mods folder and just trying the vanishing objects. I actually have made a folder just for the VOs that contains the script and all the objects that use the script.

    If they objects work without any other content, then you'll know something is interfering.

  5. ohohohohoho, those last couple of pictures. ;) Don't give my mind any ideas with those two.

    D'aww, I love childish sims. They're so cute. And I love Brandon, so it makes things 1000x better.

    I still haven't tried out the OMSPs because I'm afraid of completely borking everything (like I usually do). I think I'll take Lemoncandy's clutter out and give it a try tonight. *crosses fingers*

  6. BRANDON IS SO CUTE! *dies from sugar rush* lol, but seriously, omgosh! 8D You've just made me love him a hundred times more!

    And that shot of Paula with Alex? AWESOME. But whoa, watcha doing, buddy? You're supposed to be looking after Paula... at least not in this way, or so I thought. o_O

  7. How do you make them disappear in general? Nothing seems to be working for me...

    And I'll try that. Thanks.

    And I'll see if I'm using LemonCandy's clutter...hmmm...

  8. Turns out I was using lemoncandy's clutter and I yanked it out and went back in. It works and holy shizz it's amazing! Thanks for the tool, I'm starting my own story soon so this is going to work so much quicker than CFE, especially on second floors. :D

    I can't wait to see how this transforms your own pictures, too!

  9. Nicole, ;D

    Childish sims are so awesome, lol.

    Also, we have confirmation that LemonCandy's stuff seems to interfere. It's not just me. I sort of need some of those things, like that car, so I don't know what I'm gonna do.

    Ning, lol, omg isn't he? Ah, I love that sim so much.

    Haha, I'll have fun with that.

    Anon, I'm glad you got it working. When you start your story, you should come over to VSS and let us know. Everyone there is very supportive and kind. I love being part of their company!

  10. Sometimes, you need to take a break from storytelling otherwise you run the risk of burning yourself out.

    I love the rain effect in your teaser pic. I keep hoping that EA will release a Seasons style expansion next with a few extra gameplay things thrown in for good measure. One can only hope!

    Brandon is so cute. I love the childish trait. Love seeing the adult sims playing with the kid's toys.

    I'm glad I am not tempted by the new mods and hacks etc that are coming out for TS3 now that I'm no longer writing sim stories.

    I relied on them way too much with TS2 and broke my game every other week.

    Your shot of Paula and Alex on the box though does make it tempting...

  11. Oh boy! I love the close up of the couple! Really effective and intimate capture there.

    I'm so glad you showed us what the OMSPs can do. The teeny tiny Sim would be perfect for my new story. She's pixy-sized. And in that, I do have to wonder, do you use Aikea Guinea's camera mod, or the mod to compliment it from MTS? Are you able to zoom in on the pixy-sized Sims?

    I really need to download some of these new items. It would make things SO much easier, although with Runaway Train I had a lot a fun posing Clarissa and Rex close together, so long as they were standing! :P

  12. Carnaxa, it's so true. I think in this case, I was doing too much thinking about what readers would expect. But I caught myself in that trap in time. I told the story that it doesn't have to be what people are expecting and gave Henri permission to be an ass if he really wants to, lol!

    I would LOVE a Seasons style EP. I love Seasons so much, even now.

    lol, he is too cute. I love when he pulls Jimmy into a game of tag.

    Thanks about the comment on the last picture. I know what you mean. I don't want to rely heavily on pose boxes or anything like that. I really just want to have fun, and taking forever on my pictures would take the fun out of it. Mostly, I just like their versatility. I still miss sims being able to watch the clouds though.

    MM, thanks!

    I use Aikea Guinea's mod, plus Claeric's no fade on close up for sims. I imagine that would have to work, and you should be able to zoom in without them fading away.

  13. Oh, it's so neat to see rain in TS3 pics! :)

    But OMG, it's shocking to see Paula all cozied up with a dude, lol!

    Brandon with that car, lol! Don't you just want to squeeze him? :)

  14. Now if only I could get it to work consistently. I don't know what I did, but I couldn't get it to work again. It worked out better that way though for the next update.


    And yes, the second I saw Brandon with the car I wished I could squeeze him. OMG, SO CUTE! Especially the audio. Vrrrooom! *screeeeech!*

  15. Reading this and some of the snippets on the other blog you pointed me to, I'm now totally excited about trying out new things in my story images!!

    I loved those last two shots of Paula and Alex and it reminded me of the thought that popped into my head when Alex turned up at the end of the last chapter ... "if I were a teenage girl, I sure wouldn't mind having someone as yummy as Alex be my bodyguard" ... completely inappropriate but us Aquarians aren't exactly known for our political correctness :D

  16. lol! You're an Aquarius too? Awesome! And yes, even I have to admit I had that thought, lol. But I meant of course from the personality front because I see him in my head first-- uhm yeah.

    TS3 is really great to play around with as a medium. People joke about the "puddingness" and in a way they're right. It really makes TS3 sims more movable and flexible like dolls.