Sunday, July 11, 2010

10 Facts about Paula and Alex

1. Post 10 facts about your character.
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I put this up so you know what's supposed to be done, but I don't like tagging only five people. I'd prefer we just all do it and pick a character we want to do it for. If you'd like to know what character I would want to know about, feel free to ask me.

We're getting ten facts about two characters (because I can't resist these kinds of things)-- Paula and Alex.

10 facts about Paula

1. She is terribly afraid of the dark.

2. She's had boyfriends, but never anyone serious. She considered them "play boyfriends" in preparation for the real thing some day.

3. In school, her favorite subject was always computers. Her "Uncle" Wiley (not really related by blood) taught her early on a love for things electronic.

4. Her mother has an aversion to bacon and cooked meats. For the most part, they ate like vegetarians at home. It wasn't something her mother expected her to comply with outside the home.

5. Still, one of her earliest memories is sneaking a burger with her Uncle Wiley when he was watching her while her mother attended a political function. She was five, and they ate over his chess table as he explained how the pieces moved. It was like staying home from school when you aren't sick, and she felt like she was being adult and sneaky.

6. She had a grandmother, but she died before Paula could remember. It's just been Paula and her mother since.

7. For years, she had very long hair and only recently cut it short.

8. When she was younger, she used to be really shy, but her mother encouraged her to take the first step always in any situation.

9. She's always considered herself to be a "practical girl." She has nothing against the color pink or dresses, but she doesn't usually carry a purse on her if it can be avoided. She's all for comfort over fashion.

10. She never really thought much about her lack of a father. Her mother never made an issue about it. When Paula asked, she would just smile sadly and shrug and just remind Paula that they had each other and that was all that mattered. It was enough for Paula. Her mother was her world.

10 Facts about Alex

1. He's only slept with 4 people in his entire life.

2. Back in his old tribe, he was actually a source of amusement for a long time. He was ferocious and had a lot of spirit, but he always seemed intent to take on things that most people felt were too big for him.

3. He often surprised and impressed those who doubted him, and by the time he was 18 was a well respected warrior of his tribe.

4. Each of his tattoos have a meaning. The tiger, of course, is representative of him and his spirit. The dragon one on his arm is from a successful war where Alex was integral in protecting their home. The other arm has the tattoo from his tribe. The one down his back is commemorative of his earned rank in the tribe as a warrior. The spider on his hip is for successfully "handling" three wives.

5. A lot of things about the Southlands stumps him, so he's trying to err on the side of caution, though he still slips up sometimes.

6. His favorite food is anything he finds or catches himself. He's a passable cook, usually out of necessity.

7. He's ambidextrous, which is an impressive trait to his tribe members. When he was younger, and someone noticed that he favored neither hand, she predicted his later on success.

8. He's finding that he actually really likes shoes.

9. When he was a child, he would sit very still and watch the warriors of his tribe closely, watching how they acted with each other. He learned early on that a lot of it was simply bravado.

10. The one thing he doesn't like is actually the thing that took him the farthest. He hates that most people won't look him in the eyes. Especially people who know him. He'd never be able to articulate it, but sometimes it does hurt him.


  1. I'll do it - but I think it'd be fun to do a character people request rather than pick one, so who do you want to know about?

  2. That's easy and also not! I think I'd like to know more about Jenny.

  3. Oh how strange, for some reason, I can totally picture Paula with long hair. Did you show us a picture of her once with long hair?

    OMG, LOL @ Alex's #8, he's finding that he likes wearing shoes! That's just precious! I love it! :)

    But #4 has me stumped and fascinated! What on earth is "handling" three wives? And where are those wives now???

    Awww, his #10 :(

    This was neat! I'm glad you did one!

    I think I'll do one too, but I'm kind of cheating. I'm going to do one on Danny, Lexi, and Hannah ;) Though probably no one but about five people on the planet would know who they were or would want to read it, lol! I've been picking at that all day, and I'll probably post it on my main blog tomorrow. Right now I'm due to pay some attention to Micah and Mariah.

    I couldn't think of any LH characters anyone would care to know more about, but if there is, I could probably be persuaded to do one of those too.

  4. Lol I squinted so hard at the photo of Alex with his *ahem* female friend. At first, I *cough*wished*cough* thought it was Paula, but then I realized that she has short hair. Silly me. :P

    Ooh, these facts are very interesting. Paula and I are alike in many aspects. It gives me more reasons to like her.

  5. Laura, I was going to ask you to do one on Danny actually. I think that'd be interesting.

    As for LH character, I was thinking Beau. (Or Tyler, but Beau was probably the first to come to mind. I think.)

    Nicole, lol! I think we'll get to that.

    Are you really? That's awesome!

  6. Oh, that's so neat! I love finding out interesting facts like that, the sort of things that may not come up in the actual story but are behind-the-scenes, in the author's head type things that shape the character.

    Thanks so much for sharing this. I can't believe Alex likes shoes - I hate shoes *lol* I'd spend my entire life barefoot if I thought I could get away with it.

    Oh, I have got to try this on my own characters and post it on my blog, just have to choose which one(s)!!

    PS - love the opening shot of Alex, those eyes are so immensely expressive.

  7. These are both wonderful! Paula's fear of the dark and Alex's affection for shoes both really got to me, such personal little details.

    Laughing about Alex's fact number 1. His entire life can't be that long, and I'm assuming 'slept with' is a euphemism? Or maybe it's not, which makes it even sadder.

  8. Haha yes. I'll just make some notes:

    1. I'm totally afraid of -complete- darkness. I have to turn a light on.
    3. Fellow computer geek here. :P I'm always fiddling with something electronic.
    7. I used to have hair past my shoulders, but I cut it really short a while ago. Now I'm letting it grow out again.
    8. LIFE STORY. I'm still pretty shy.
    9. Well...I um used to be like this when I was a teenager. I grew out of it recently.
    10. This is basically my life story with my own father.

    I forgot to mention that kid!Alex is ADORABLE. I'm jealous of your sim kid-making skills. ;)

  9. Oh, this is so cool!

    Alex's #1 is kind of interesting, considering what was in the last chapter about his tribe just kind of "taking" women. Am I making that up? I'm kind of tired today! I just did an epic comments reply on my own blog and I have no idea if I made sense in any of it!

    Child Alex is too cute for words! The green eyes stand out even more on him as a kid. I guess they look sort of like "old soul" eyes, which is not necessarily something you'd expect on a child.

    You know, I never pictured Paula as shy, exactly but I did sort of see her as someone who'd probably not be particularly bold unless she had to be. To me, that kind of fits with how her mother advised her.

  10. Illandrya, these kind of things are fun to do. I saw you did one too, but I'm just starting to go through your stories, so I didn't want to spoil anything for me,

    lol! I'm the same way with shoes. As soon as I get home, I kick them off. He's probably never had shoes really, and I bet at first they confused him I can see him going, "For your feet? Why?" At least at first.

    Thanks. I love that first shot for him. I want to just pinch his cheeks.

    SB, thank you. I love strange little details like that. The crop up, but they fit no where in the story.

    Haha, actually, I had that same thought this morning. He's only 19 or so, but a lot of these people grow up quickly. While to us, his life isn't very long, in his world he's been an adult for a long time, so actually having only slept with four people is huge. Especially considering the three wives bit. ;)

    And by slept with, I do mean sex.

    Nicole, lol! Okay, I have to admit that I can't go to sleep in complete darkness either. I need a light on.

    Aww that you're shy! You've said it before. I used to think I was shy, but now I think I just don't like people generally.

    Kid Alex turned out well. That surprised me to be honest. All the sim 3 kids look the same to me. But Alex and Jimmy stand out.

    Carla, lol, you're not making it up. You are inferring it from the text, and you're not wrong.

    He does look like an old soul. I think that might be something that indicated he was different and special. Fitting!

  11. You're reading my stories? Thank you so much! ... er, just don't judge me on the first 7 chapters of Veronika *lol* ... they were written before I moved to my own blog and had to follow the rules of the site they were on, hence the still pixelated screenies in the shower. It does get better, I promise!

  12. Yeah, I'm loving them! I don't always comment as I go though, and I'm a little scatter brained too, heh. I'm actually on the Merindylen Chronicles.

    I saw someone mention you were on TSR, so I understand. I was too. Mostly a forum dweller though who liked talking about the game. I am Studyofme there.

  13. Paula sounds like my kind of girl.

    At least Alex will be able to cook Paula dinner on their first date :-)

  14. Paula's #2 made my eyebrows go up. Hmm, really? I wonder how ready she is for the real thing now.

    "Uncle" Wiley sounds like such fun. :D

    Alex's #1: Is that supposed to be considered a small number? o_o And he already has 3 wives? I suddenly feel a little scared for Paula, haha.

    #10 made me feel really sad for him. :( I wonder if he has ever used it against someone who trusted him or like he didn't prove himself to be trustworthy.

  15. Carnaxa, how right you are, lol! That thought actually occurred to me too.

    Ning, That's a good question. Maybe we'll find out. ;)

    Uncle Wiley is so much fun. I still haven't made him sim, but I fully mean to.

    lol! Yes, that's supposed to be a small number. We'll get to that sooner or later. Maybe that's part of why Jimmy didn't approve last chapter?

    Oh perceptive! Very perceptive. You'll see.