Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ten facts about Henri

Ning from Colliding Stars tagged me or rather Henri, and Gayl mentioned tagging him too. I'm up to that challenge. There's plenty I can tell you about Henri that isn't really a spoiler, and I really like doing these things.

So I present ten facts about Henri.

1. He is the third child out of four.

2. Henri does not have servants. If he needs some stupid little thing done, he's going to do it himself.

3. If asked, he would deny that he has people or that he was working on protecting them (I'm meaning other than the villagers). So I, as the author, often wonder what he thinks he's actually doing.

4. He is not a social man and values his alone time after spending time running around dealing with people. So it sort of annoys him when Jimmy or Brandon stop by unannounced, but he never says anything.

5. Henri has liked Jimmy since he was a kid, and now proudly thinks of him as a son/protege. Still, there was a time he seriously contemplated how he would take Jimmy out if he had to.

6. He has a power he never mentions. Those who need to know do; the rest can figure it out.

7. I don't see him ever having been in love. At least never as an adult. Most likely, if he got close, he would refuse it. Romantic love is a loss of control.

8. As a kid, even though he was the third child, he was still the one on the playground who could get the kids to play his games. It always annoyed his two older siblings.

9. He doesn't buy into his own hype. I think sometimes having the upcoming generations looking up to him unnerves him.

10. He doesn't take time to ponder regrets though he realizes that there are things he could have done differently.


  1. I really enjoyed this look into Henri's life. No 4 is me to a tee. The last thing I want to do when I get home from work is deal with more people!! No 5 was interesting - has that time really passed or has he become too attached to Jimmy to think he might still be a danger?

    Now you've got me thinking about with No 7 - if this is the case, what was the deal with Paula's mum? While he may not be a romantic, I also don't see him as one to give into his physical urges with the next girl he meets on the street and I can't really see him paying for it either. He seems too controlled for that and given the comparison between his age and Paula's, he was most definitely an adult.

    From what you've already given us about Henri in the story so far, No 9 doesn't surprise me. While he probably expects respect from those you are younger, I can see how anything approaching hero worship would not sit comfortably.

  2. a fascinating portrait of a very complicated man.

    #3 is stunning. What on earth does he think is going on? Why does he think everybody is scared to death of him? Wow...

    #7 doesn't surprise me at all. The society he is creating is a mirror of that position.

    #9 both dovetails with #3, but still astonishes me. The man's a dictator. That doesn't happen by accident.

    Wonderful character study!

  3. Illandrya, that's a good question. I think that time has really passed. There was a time he seriously considered it, when he wasn't sure what would happen.

    Henri and Paula's mom... well we'll get to that. Their relationship/friendship was a lot of fun for me to explore, and still crops up from time to time. But with Henri, I don't see it ever being as "simple" as love.

    As for lust, well, him and Brandon are a bit similar there. I actually see that being one of his weaknesses! There's no emotion involved in that. Though I don't see him paying for it or sleeping with girls who take money for it. I think in his older years, he's simmered down a lot compared to when he was younger.

    SB, #3 stumps me! I want to know what sort of delusion he's got going on. What does he tell himself to explain what he's up to?

    You're so right on #7. As for #9, I think he'd deny he was a dictator the same way as he denies he has people. But I've watched him in action, he's definitely not in power by accident, that's for sure.

  4. Eh, I have no idea why but somehow, I've never even suspected Henri to have a power. o_o That makes me curious (as I am curious about Jimmy's!) What could his power be, that he could be the leader? That everyone would listen to him, respect him and maybe fear him? :\

    #4 made me laugh. I think he needs to be annoyed more to ignite some "humanness" in him. XD

    Reading Illandrya's and your replies made me wonder how Brandon and Paula came about too. "No emotion involved" sounds a bit too sad. :( I'm sure Brandon had some feelings involved!

    I was actually torn between tagging Brandon or Henri, but I thought Brandon already had a character page, so Henri. *sniff* I still love you, Brandon!

  5. I'm loving all these 10 Facts memes going around. They've all been so interesting!

    You know, I never even considered that Henri had a power either, which seems a bit silly now! I guess it's because I think he'd command a lot of respect and awe even without it.

    I think #5 is the one I found most intriguing. I can definitely see Jimmy and Henri butting heads at one time or another.

  6. Eeee, Henri! :D He's quickly becoming one of my favorites, haha.

    I want to meet his siblings. :o

    #6 interests me. I want to find out everything about this secret power. Hopefully, the power will be revealed eventually. *HINT HINT*

    Oh man, I can totally relate to #4. ;)

    Gosh, now I want to do one of these meme thingies. I don't know which character to choose, though.

  7. Like everyone else, I'm loving these... :)

    I love #3...such denial. It's always an interesting contrast when someone thinks they are a certain way, but their actions betray them to be different from what even they thought they were (man that's a badly written sentence....I hope what I mean is clear...).

    I'm not at all surprised that he thought of how to neutralize Jimmy. It wouldn't escape his notice that he could take over if he wasn't careful.

    In the back of my mind, I knew he had a power...but it's weird how I never really wondered about it! Now, of course, I'm really curious. :)

  8. Ning, it's easy to forget, but he was experimented on! Interesting that you think his power and his leadership are tied. In a way you might be right and in a way you might be wrong.

    LOL! Yes, I have to agree. He needs to be annoyed more. Good thing he has Paula.

    Brandon probably does have some feelings involved; that would be one big thing that separates Brandon from his father.

    And I think I'd LOVE to do one of these on Brandon. But I'd probably release it next week or something as an extra, lol! For him, I'd probably want to get more detailed, more specific. Bet he has some cute details to release.

    Carla, yeah, I've been seeing them all over the place, but they're fun, so I'm glad you're liking them.

    I think you're right. Even without his power, he gets respect and always has.

    And sure, Jimmy will speak his mind even if he doesn't agree with Henri. It's part of the reason Henri values him so much. But that's not why he contemplated taking Jimmy out! I was a little surprised when I stumbled across it myself, but it made perfect sense.

    Nicole, LEONARD. Do Leonard. Just in case you didn't see my tweet, lol!

    His siblings, in due time, though probably not in this story. I know for sure two of them are still alive...

    #6, I'm sure there are clues around or coming or something!

    Rachel, you're perfectly clear. Yes, I think that's it exactly. Exactly. The Henri from years ago who led the Revolution and set up the Southlands was a different man in many ways, and I think it's one of those things where he's subconsciously noticed that and at the same time doesn't want to notice.

    That's true, but that actually wasn't his initial concern. I'm telling you I was surprised when it came up, and the person he admitted it to was somewhat surprising too.

    I was wondering why no one ever asked about it! I thought it was just me. It's something I never thought about before either, so I really don't think he completely relies on it, so unless he says, it's not readily apparent.

  9. This was very enlightening even though there were no spoilers. #4 is not surprising. As for #6 scary and fascinating at the same time.

    Interesting that he doesn't have servants and yet he has people doing his bidding. Priorities I guess.

    Is it wrong that I am beginning to like this man? He definitely has his appeal.

  10. I'm surprised how easy it is to write these things without spoilers, though there are probably hints at some spoilers spread out over a couple of fact sheets or two.

    "Priorities," lol! I don't think he sees it that way. They are doing his bidding, but really, he sees it as a social contract between them and himself that's something along the lines of, "I can help you survive, but you have to do what I say." It's of course not that simple because I'm sure you wouldn't want to cross him. It couldn't have been easy to set this new society up, and he's not about to roll over and let someone destroy it.

    YAY! That's wonderful news to me. Henri is a character that I think is likable, but he does and has done a lot of things that are not likable.

  11. Henri is charismatic, sometimes in a good way and sometimes not. The more we learn about all these characters the more the line seem to blur between good and bad. I suppose that is the way with all people, that we all have some of both, but when you think in terms of a society like these you don't expect to find anything redeemable about people who kill.

    I hope you will do more of these. Even though we haven't seen her it might be nice to see one of Paula's mother.

  12. I absolutely love your "10 facts-series". I read this last week actually, but did not comment. You know I love fact number 6, don't you? I hope I'll be able to figure it out too, because right now I don't have a clue. :)

  13. "Henri is a character that I think is likable, but he does and has done a lot of things that are not likable."

    Totally agree! Some of my favorite characters in any story work out like this. It's because they become so dimensional. It's a very human thing to do wrong - it makes them reachable. I like Henri too. I find him fascinating.