Monday, September 20, 2010

Never on time- One year celebration

Because I'm seriously never on time, lol. Over the weekend, I came up with the fun idea of using some of the new store sets to have a little fun.

See, the thing is I get a little jealous when I see neat sim houses beautifully decorated (yes, I'm looking at all of you people) because Ruin is dirty and sparse. I have no good reason to download pretty things. Well, I mean, I can of course, but then I never use them because I still don't play very often.

So here was a chance for me to let my sims have a little fun and play dress up!

Lots and lots of pictures under the cut!

((Just have to say, note Pat's shoes. Those are actually the shoes she always wears, even when in character. They're so cute on her.))

I also got some really cute wall papers out of this. I always flip images and stuff to leave clear space on the left side for the icons.

The boys

The family

The couple

They aren't the full size because I posted them on Photobucket of course. *rolls eyes* I suppose if anyone wanted one, I could just put it in mediafire.



    I love every single shot, such a total gift basket of beauty including great peep toe heel shoes and all the men dressed up and wearing those hats...when did men stop wearing those hats? Never mind.

    Completely wonderful! You are a miracle! Thank you so much for what you write and what you contribute.

  2. LOVE IT! :D

    The girls (especially Paula) are adorable and the men look so dapper. I feel like going to a sock hop now, lol.

    Henri should be required to wear glasses and Jimmy should wear that suit at all times. They both look so amazing. <3

    I didn't recognize Alex at first, lol. He looks so strange (yet endearing) when he's clean-cut.

  3. Oh my...I love, love, love this.

    Paula is adorable--very Nancy Drew there in the first few shots. :) And Maria is so pretty! She looks like she's ready to have fun.

    The men! I'm with Beth--when did they stop wearing those hats? Why would they? Gorgeous.

    This puts me in mind of those imaginative covers they do for comic books....awesome!

  4. Happy Birthday Ruin!!

    And awww Drool pictures of the boys. I love the picture of Brandon and Maria - I think I've got a fan-crush on Brandon.


  5. SB, awww, thank you very much for all your kind words of encouragement and support.

    Nicole, lol! Henri probably should wear glasses. (Maybe he does, but somewhere where no one sees him like his office.)

    Alex is actually very cute even with cut hair.

    Rachel, I was hoping you'd see the Nancy Drew inspiration in there, lol. I read the first book, that's what inspired these rounds of shots.

    Kiri, thank you! Also yay for a fan-crush on Brandon. That picture of him was really just a gratuitous shot, lol.

  6. These pictures were really great! Paula looks adorable, Kyrene is such a femme fatale, and all the men look so handsome. Alex looks so different clean cut, but I like that he still has tattoos and is wearing sneakers.

    Thanks so much for posting these.

  7. Oh, how fun! I love these - what a great way to celebrate your anniversary.

    I almost didn't recognise Alex without his tats...and then I saw them below Paula's arm (they're much more prominent in the second pic, obviously!)

    My gosh, is Henri smiling in that first pic with Paula? There's an alternate reality for you!

  8. Oh, LOVE! What a fantastic idea! Happy Anniversary to Ruin!!! (and to you too!!!)

    Paula and Maria look so pretty! And Kyrene's shoes are to die for!!!

    Oh, and the BOYS! OMG, I love them all! Yes, can we please get men to dress like that again? Please?

    I don't usually fawn over Aaron, but he looks quite handsome here. Awww, Alex and Paula, so sweet! And Henri looks great! And Jimmy and Brandon, my heart! Brandon's lone shot there, wow, he's just something to admire, isn't he? :)

    I love the wallpapers! *Swipes Jimmy and Aaron, thank you!* :) I never thought to make Sim-wallpapers before! What a neat idea!

  9. I just wanted to say that I swiped Jimmy's and Aaron's wallpaper as well. :D If I do have to go offline for a bit, I'll have something pretty to look at when I'm using my computer.

  10. Tesseracta, thanks! I really had fun dressing Alex, especially giving him a cut. He's not half bad looking! Also, those sneakers are also the ones he wears in character.

    And I didn't show it, but I kept everyone's tattoo. Kyrene's actually showed through her blouse, but I couldn't get a good shot of it really.

    Carla, thanks! It was a lot of fun.

    Yeah, that first picture of Alex and Paula, his tattoos are hard to see. I just love the way she's giving him a death grip hug. Doesn't that seem so teeny bopperish?

    And haha! You noticed that Henri was smiling! I didn't noticed until I'd had it posted for a day or two. Yup, he turned and smiled at her, but it was just too weird, so I didn't post it dead on.

    Laura, thanks. Oh I love Kyrene's shoes. I wish I had put toe nail polish on her though! I did in her other outfit, but this was a quick change to fit in with the theme and I didn't think to.

    That's it. I'm making Jay start the movement to dress like this again. Poor man won't know what's coming until it's too late.

    Brandon's one shot did come out really good. Like wow, sim. I don't usually fawn over my pixels at all, but man, killer. That's as good as that one shot I have of Aaron in his profile.

    And I love making sim wall papers. They're more interesting to me than random ones I find around.

    Nicole, awesome! I'm glad you like, and I hope it helps bring you luck too.

  11. Oh hell, now you've got me wanting to make some wallpapers, lol! Do you have any tips for me? I found some tutorials for making ordinary wallpapers, so I might take a stab at mixing game images with my mad Photoshop skillz, lol! What size do people usually like these things?

  12. You know, I don't know what size they like. Here's a link that might help!

    The original size on TS3 pics are 1680x1048. But my monitor is huge! I don't actually touch up the pictures at all but to leave space for the icons. I frequently use pics from the game for that. I have some nice scenery pics on my laptop.

  13. Oh wow, I didn't know TS3 pics came out so big! Much better than the 600x400 we get in TS2 ;)

    This is fun! Can't believe I never thought to do this before, lol!


    I'm late to the party I know. Story of my life!

    I love Henri's expression when he's looking at the girl.

    These are some great photos, it almost makes me want to blow the dust off my sims games.

    Are the store still doing freebies?

  15. Happy (belated) anniversary! A year, wow, what an achievement; I raise my virtual glass to you and hope that one day I can also say I have made that milestone. Thank you for sharing these images with us, what a stylish way to celebrate.

    PS - I think I prefer Alex shirtless with wild hair ;) but the rest of them look fantastic.

  16. Laura, you know, I think the size of the TS3 pics depend on the setting on your computer. Like I have my sims game sized to take up the whole screen even in windows mode. That may be why it's so big.

    Don't worry, Carnaxa, I was late to my own party too, lol. Thanks.

    Yeah, that serious look he gets when he's clearly dubious about this teenager near him?

    The store has some freebies, mostly holiday stuff. I just had to get this set.

    Thanks Illandrya! There is something about a shirtless Alex with wild hair, isn't there?