Thursday, September 23, 2010

Unfortunate announcement

Well, uh, there's been a small problem... my graphics card seems to have died.

There are two problems with this. The first is that I don't have the money at the moment to replace it. The second is that I don't have the money because I spent it on getting new games for the Atari 5200, so I was planning on taking a vacation next week anyway to play the games that are going to come it.

So I am not completely sure what to do yet. I'm looking online for replacement cards, and they aren't so bad cost wise, so this shouldn't be a long hiatus. For half a second I've thought about posting up just the text, which is still a possibility to keep the story going at least this week, but I would really like to get shots for this upcoming entry. (It involves fire and nighttime, two fun subjects to work with in TS3.)

So, uh, this is my announcement of an unexpected hiatus.


  1. Aww, I would send you one of mine but you probably want a brand new shiny one with a warranty and everything...

  2. Awww, two weeks break is no big deal - you deserve it for working so hard for a FULL year! (And besides, I've got Ruin reading to catch up with anyway, lol!) Enjoy your new games!

    I'm just waiting for my own computer to explode. Any day now... lol! It's like eight years old or something!

  3. Brand new shiny ones would cost money, and I shouldn't have bought the games I did in the first place. ^^; I'm actually looking for a cheap version, anything, so long as it fits and is comparable and lets me play.

    I'm trying to figure out which card I have though. It's for certain an Nvidia GeForce. I think 8000GT.

    Laura, lol, thanks. I sort of wanted to keep my streak going, but ah well. It's okay. I will definitely take the break!

    And my new old games. *grin*

    Make sure to keep your computer clean! I'm finally opening the case on my desktop to clean it. Probably too late for the graphics card.

  4. Hmm, well in the interest of seeing more of Brandon, Jimmy, Henri, Paula, Alex and the rest I would gladly send you one of mine. I have an nVidia geForce 9600 I believe and an ATI although that model I can't recall. I could check when I get home. However they aren't new so...

  5. Aw, no! You'll break your streak but your graphics card dying is hardly your fault. That sucks...did it give any warning signs, or did it just die?

    I hope you manage to find a decent but economical replacement. :)

  6. Ack, sorry to hear about the graphics card troubles. Maybe it's the universe whispering that now is a good time for a break??

    Well, you know your readers will still be here whenever you are able to update again.

    I always tell people I don't trust technology. It never lasts. It also breaks so easily.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you anyway!

  7. Hmmm... what is this "clean" you speak of?... lol!

    No really, you mean, like opening it up and dusting or something? I think mine has spiders living in it - they're building condos in there ;)

  8. I'm sorry to hear of your unfortunate graphics card mishap, Lunar! Computer troubles eem to be catching at the moment; I hope my laptop holds out until Christmas!

    Hopefully you will find your enforced hiatus as productive as I am finding mine - but just don't stay away too long.

  9. Aww That sucks for you! I hope you can find a new one soon.

    BTW - Do you have a FPS limiter on when you are playing? That has saved my PC Graphics card from dying, although not the laptop :(

    Much Hugs! (Enjoy the atari games!)

  10. Gayl, would you really? Oh that would be wonderful! I opened the case last night to finally do the dusting and check the card for sure. It's an nVidia GeForce 8800, It seems comparable in specifications to the geforce 9600.
    I know it isn't new, and I would hate to ask you to do that though, especially if you might need it or use it later.

    Carla, it pretty much just died on me. My only warning was the day before it started to act up, but I wasn't quite sure what it was. I've actually never used a desktop long enough to murder the graphics card, lol.

    I am definitely looking at economical!

    Carnaxa, I'll take it as a sign from the universe then. Especially because it sent that amazing offer my way for the old atari games. Clearly the universe is feeding my obsession.

    But I love technology! But no, I don't always trust it, so everything is backed up on an external HD. :D I did that the second it started acting up, just in case.

    Illandrya, hey there! Are you having issues too?

    I'm pretty sure I won't be productive though, lol. LSB is on my desktop.

    Kiri, I use Awesome Mod which has an FPS limiter built in I believe. I remember reading about his concern about FPS and TS3.

    lol, thanks!

  11. Lunar, I'll email you tonight when I get home.

  12. Everyone deserves a break, go enjoy yourself even if it's kinda forced.