Thursday, October 7, 2010

Chapter 26.5 The Favor

This entry completely brought by Gayl. Ruin is back now thanks to Gayl's donation of a graphics card. Thank you so so much! ^_______^

Jimmy poked at the fire in the old rusted pit as Aaron opened the bottle he had brought back from his travels across the Wildlands. It was becoming tradition of sorts for Aaron to bring some thing back that could be shared among the three of them.

But it was currently only the two of them. No one else stood around the fire with them. Others stood around their own fires not even throwing a glance in their direction.

Aaron handed a glass to Jimmy as he sat down, his shrewd eyes watching Jimmy closely. "So where is Brandon?"

Jimmy leveled his gaze with a slight upturn in the corner of his mouth. "You haven't been gone that long."

"Asshole. He's out screwing around while I'm here visiting? He can do that any time."

It was true. Brandon was only away because Jimmy had asked him to give Jimmy some time alone with Aaron. When he'd asked for that, Brandon had given him a look similar to the one Aaron was trying to hide behind his glass and his smile. But it was clear in his eyes. Jimmy knew Aaron as well as Aaron knew Jimmy. They were both playing a waiting game.

"He'll join us in a bit."

"Not if it's Kyrene," Aaron said with a smirk. Jimmy ignored it. Whatever was going on between Aaron and Kyrene was another matter completely and none of his business.

They sat together quietly sipping their drinks. Aaron watched Jimmy closely though he was subtle about it.

"So what was that earlier?" Aaron asked slowly. "With your little sister."

"She's Brandon's little sister," Jimmy quickly corrected.

"Close enough." Aaron eyed him, the mask he had been holding onto completely sliding away. "You know what that reminds me of."

Jimmy's eyes jumped from the flame before them to Aaron sharply, but the man continued without halting.

"Helpless human girls seem to draw you two like sugar." Aaron leaned forward the glass dangling between his knees.

He was the only one who could say it. One of the only ones who would even know about it. Jimmy looked away. Aaron always pushed; it was what he did. As their friendship aged, Aaron seemed to push even more, confident that he could without pissing Jimmy off and betting that he could handle Jimmy if he got really pissed.

"It's not like that." Jimmy practically spit the words out. "There's something I need to do."

Aaron didn't skip a beat. "What is it you want from me then?"

"A favor. And no complaints."

Aaron sat back in his chair, the rusty old thing squeaking and grinding. "You and Henri both want to kill me then."

"That's one way to see it. Or we just trust you to get things done."

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1. Sorry this is so short compared to normal. It's about half the size, but I hope that pictures of Jimmy and Aaron make up for it.

2. I really hate Aaron's hair mesh. It looks really bad by fire light.

3. I typed up this entry completely on my DSi XL. *hugs the DS*


  1. Yes! What a wonderful surprise!

    Oh and Gayl? I love you!

    Jimmy and Aaron pics definitely work. :)

    So glad to see an update - I've been really jonesing for one.

  2. Yay! I'm so happy to see this back. Thank you, thank you, thank you Gayl!

    I wonder why Jimmy didn't want Brandon around when he asked Aaron for the favor?

    The relationship between Jimmy, Brandon, and Aaron is just fascinating for several reasons. For one thing, can't Brandon read Aaron's thoughts? Doesn't he know that Aaron is...well...not a good guy? Or does he hear something else in his thoughts that makes up for it? I'm wondering if Jimmy didn't want to bring up anything having to do with Paula around Brandon because the thoughts it might trigger in Aaron would upset him...

    Aaron...just throwing the parallel to Mary out there like a warning. I wonder where he sees the danger coming from--outside the tribe, or inside?

    And finally (I swear I'll shut up sometime), what is it that Jimmy needs to do?! Aaaaugh. More!

  3. Kiri, yes, much love goes to Gayl! I'm glad to hear having pictures makes up for the entry length, lol.

    Rachel, heehee... insightful as always. Some very good questions! I will start by saying that Brandon is not a true mind reader. Brandon can only catch stray thoughts from people which is not truly an accurate way of reading people's minds. He uses it to the best of his ability, but really it would only give him a sense about people.

    I imagine stray thoughts to be those random ones that pop out above the mass of your other thoughts. Like you're walking down the street and suddenly think, "OH YEAH! I need to get eggs." Some people are good at keeping their thoughts focused and centered so that Brandon hardly picks up anything. Henri is one of those people. (And I imagine that with Henri, what stray thoughts Brandon picks up surprise him. Oh but I'm getting off track.)

    Aaron pushes for a reason. It came out in one of my drafts, but didn't make it here. Huh! He is sort of warning Jimmy here, but I think he sees the danger more coming from within.

    As for that last question... *zips lips* :D

  4. Firstly ... thanks Gayl! As I was heading home from work I was actually thinking that I needed a Ruin fix and hoping that I wouldn't have to wait too long, and voila, here it is!

    Secondly, awesome chapter. The reference to Mary didn't surprise me, I think all of us were already thinking that from previous chapters. But I'm wondering if Aaron didn't do it so much to piss Jimmy off but to push Jimmy to say what needed to be said. No matter the banter about Kyrene and screwing around, Aaron obviously worked out that Jimmy wanted him alone for a reason.

    So, does Jimmy need Aaron to do something in addition to what Henri wants, or is he just reinforcing what's already been requested?

  5. Thanks for helping Lunar out, Gayl. :) I'm so happy to see a Ruin update again!

    Anyway, this was short but I think it was a good place to end it anyway. It's very suspenseful!

    Which is also killing me, lol! What does Jimmy need Aaron to do?!? And why couldn't Brandon be there? Would Aaron have reacted differently with Brandon there, or would Brandon not approve of whatever Jimmy is asking? So many questions!

  6. You have no idea how happy I was to be able to help! It was my pleasure.

    I wasn't surprised that Aaron brought Mary up and I am also wondering if what Jimmy wants is different from what Henri wants. If it is dangerous to Aaron I'm also wondering if his concern is what someone will do to him from within their Brandon maybe. Which makes me wonder if it is about Paula...

    I am so glad this is back. I know I am behind on my comments but I've kept up on the reading.

  7. HUGS to Gayl!!

    Well. Who on earth knows what Henri wants? Does Henri know what he wants? What does Jimmy want Aaron to do?

    It doesn't surprise me that Mary came into the mix.

    But I have to believe that this is about Paula.

    Short is great! And this is incredibly suspenseful!

  8. Illandrya, thank you! You're another insightful one. I was hoping it would be clear that Aaron was onto Jimmy from almost the start. It's interesting that you mention the possibility of Aaron pushing Jimmy towards what he needed to say. That would suggest that the favor and the topic Aaron brings up are linked.

    As for your question-- good one-- and that's all I'm going to say, lol.

    Carla, all very good questions too! Somethings to think about: Maybe it wasn't that Brandon couldn't be there, just that Jimmy didn't want him there which sounds the same but is a tiny bit different and I think changes the focus of some of the questions.

    Yes, I'm purposely being cryptic, lol.

    Gayl, still have to say thank you thank you, lol. Really!

    Oh interesting speculation. I don't think I can say any more than that for fear of giving anything away.

    ANd you know comments or no comments, I'm just glad that you're still reading!

    SB, lol! Henri thinks he knows what he wants, unless we're talking about his plans, and then he knows what has to be done.

    "But I have to believe that this is about Paula." I have to say I like that. It's very sure and definitive.

    Thank you.

  9. Glad to see you up and running again, props to your benefactor ;)

    It doesn't matter if it's a short chapter, as you women are always saying, size doesn't matter. A good chapter is a good chapter, regardless of it's length, and this was a good chapter. It was quite amusing to see Aaron ribbing Jimmy like that, I'm also curious to see what this favour is, it sounds... intriguing.

  10. Oooh, that Aaron, I'm not sure if he's creepy or just a creep. Or both. I can't wait to find out what this favor is! Like the others, it all seems to point to being about Paula, and that terrifies me!!! :o

    And thank you Gayl!!! You're a saint!

  11. You know I can't help but think back to the conversation that Paula overheard between Henri and Aaron...regarding Paula's mom. I wonder if this favor is related to her and of course that would relate in some way to Paula as well.

  12. Glad you're back, and interesting dynamic between these guys, just fascinating. Nice dig about Jimmy and his 'protector mode' when it comes to human females.
    A real power struggle here, great stuff~

  13. I can't believe you! I just can't!

    Now I have to know what the favor is.

  14. Your story would work with or without images. Your writing is decsriptive enough that my imagination just runs wild. I say this because I often have problems loading blogspot and quite often, the text shows up but some pictures are missing but I think that's my net connection more than anything else or the browser I'm using.

    Even without the images I can still "see" what's happening.

    I'm a little worried that Aaron knows about what happened with Jimmy, I think that's a dangerous thing for him to know.

    And the way he reacted to what he thinks Henri and Jimmy want ... very poised or maybe it's just the way they live their life. Rather sad when you think about it. To not fear anything, not even death. Really does make them a little less human doesn't it?

  15. Poida, lol! Thanks. Yeah size doesn't matter! Thanks for that reminder.

    Laura, Or a good bit a both, lol. I have too much fun with Aaron.

    Gayl, *zips lips* What's that you say? We'll find out sooner or later.

    Drew, thanks! Yeah I think at his core, Jimmy is a protector, but he would heartily deny it. It is an impulse I think he would work to deny as well.

    Heredon, lol! Don't worry, like I replied to Gayl, sooner or later!

    Carnaxa, thank you! I do try to write so that the pictures aren't necessary and are only fun. Basically, I want to stay in practice. And sometimes I can't really translate their actions into the pictures anyway, so the pics are just representative. Like Aaron leaning forward to eye Jimmy. No way I was going to catch that in game.

    Aaron knows everything about Jimmy, and Jimmy knows everything about Aaron. It is dangerous for both of them. They have an odd friendship and mutual respect. It's not based on fear, though any kind of close friendship like this where there are no real secrets is frightening and dangerous-- if that makes sense.

    True, and if anyone is a little less than human, Aaron would have to be it.