Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chapter 26.75 Truths

"Do you think I'm stupid?" Kyrene smiled at him genuinely. She lay on her side, the light from the candles hitting the side of her face softly and accentuating her bare curves. "I've seen it in your eyes when you look at her. Something about her reminds you of your first wife, doesn't it?"

Alex rolled over onto his side to run a hand over her hip and into the dip of her waist. "No. She is nothing like Lalani."

Kyrene watched him in a way that made it seem like she knew things about himself that he didn't know. Though she was not a mind reader, Kyrene knew people. It was how she was such a considerate lover.

Alex gently pushed her onto her back and began kissing her shoulders down to her breast where he gently ran his tongue over her nipple. She lay back and lifted her hands over her head in submission.

"You're a complicated man, Alex," she said as he nipped at her stomach. It moved and vibrated with her softly spoken words. "Am I the first person you've ever had sex with for fun? And even then, you attack it the same way you attack everything else. Like you are studying it, looking for my weaknesses, forming a plan of attack."

She chuckled. Alex slid up to lay next to her, his body pressed to hers as he looked her in the eyes. "It was always for fun with Lalani."

"Is that what you thought? How many kids did she give you?"

"One. My first. She couldn't have children after that." The words, though true, still hurt spoken out loud. Not because he had needed more, but because that was the reason she had never felt good enough. She'd never felt worthy of his love or affection. It had only made him want to prove to her more that he loved her, but each touch that left her barren seemed to have the opposite effect from what he intended. He wanted to reassure her, and it only seemed to make her feel worse.

In one look, Kyrene seemed to understand. She knew of his tribe and the importance they placed on children. "I'm sorry." Kyrene ran her hand down his cheek, her touch gentle despite the calluses on her fingers from daily practice with her weapons. Her voice was hardly a whisper. "So that's it."

He looked at her questioningly.

"You protected her, didn't you? That's the key." She pulled him down on top of her, holding him to her chest. "Ah, Alex. Every time I think I have the depths of your goodness and kindness figured out, I am surprised. Ferocious Alex, protector of those who have no choice." Kyrene kissed him on the forehead. "If she hadn't had you, someone else would have probably killed her."

He couldn't speak. It was in the past. She had been someone else's, and she had failed to provide a child. Until he had claimed her, she was to be one of the fun women. It was something he'd known she wouldn't survive.

"Alex." Kyrene began with a slight hesitation. He sat up on one elbow and looked at her. "I think it has to be said, though I don't think you think this way. But I wouldn't be upset or jealous of her, you know."

He wasn't sure he knew.

"Of Paula, I mean." Kyrene's dark hair lay around her in a halo. "If you sleep with her, Brandon will kill you. I am not kidding." She smiled tightly at him. "But you can be there for her. A friend, maybe more, is what she probably needs right now. I've seen how she looks at you." When he didn't say anything, she laughed.

It was true. There was a way she looked at him. Sometimes her cheeks became red up to her ears and he wanted to hold his hands against her cheeks until it went away. But the one time he had almost tried it, her cheeks had only become worse. They were hot too. Something about it didn't worry him though. It was something that made him smile when he was with her. With Lalani, everything had been tinged with a sadness, with the truth that she had never chosen him.

"You've noticed too." Kyrene lay a hand on his chest. "There's nothing wrong with it. It's cute. I think the word is 'crush.'"

He glanced away, unable to look at her friendly smile. The thought hurt. It was not right, and yet it felt right. He was not a free man; he was there for a reason that he couldn't forget. It was always present in the back of his mind.

Kyrene leaned forward, kissing him softly as she moved over him. "Go easy on her though. You're very unaware of your own sex appeal sometimes."

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  1. Kyrene is a therapist in more ways than one...

    This was most enlightening. Knowing the truth about Alex's wife and how it must feel that he loved her but she had not chosen him, that he was her protector very much in the way he watches over Paula. But I think there is more between them than just Alex being protective that he still doesn't acknowledge.

    And now I must know why he is not a free man and what he is there to do!!

    Loved these shots and the way you frame them.

  2. It was interesting to hear about Alex's wife. I wonder what happened to the one child they had; since there hasn't been any other mention of Alex having a kid, I'm guessing the kid isn't a part of his present life for some reason or another.

    I love the relationship with these two. Oftentimes, one of a pair of sex buddies will make it awkward, but these two have fun and enjoy each other's company and serve as each other's confidantes without making it a huge deal. It's so refreshing :)

  3. lol, Gayl, yes it's true. When this scene first popped in my head she'd surprised me.

    It makes me happy to hear you say that you think there is more between Paula and Alex than just protector and protectee. I think there's a bit more to their friendship than that too.

    Thank you.

    Van, that is a very good question.

    It is a fun relationship to delve into. Kyrene is just so... healthy. Between her strong mind and her sexual appetite, she keeps in shape, lol. But I think there's always more to her than she lets on.

  4. I don't know what to do with this much information all at once! So much has been revealed...very uncharacteristic of your usual tidbits. ;)

    Poor Alex...he's so haunted by the memory of his first wife. It's amazing that he loved her as much as he did, given the way he grew up. What is this mysterious purpose that he's there for? Everyone has a task, it seems, and they aren't being very forthcoming about it...

    Alex may not see the parallels between Lalani and Paula, but Kyrene sure does--both were thrust into situations against their choice or will, both were helpless and needed someone to protect them.

    I like that Kyrene makes it very clear that Brandon will kill Alex if he sleeps with Paula. She is very considerate, suggesting that he be a friend to Paula. It's better than Aaron's attitude toward Paula's presence, that's for sure.

  5. Rachel, I know, it's a lot to take in, isn't it? For both Alex and Kyrene lol. I think Alex sort of pushes me a little that way unlike other characters. He's ready to spill his whole story if I let him. I keep telling him there's a finesse of sorts to story telling, lol.

    Yes, he's very much haunted by her. His feelings for her are contrary to what he grew up with being modeled around him.

    Kyrene being mostly an observer gives her a vantage point I think that Alex doesn't have. She's also very upfront, lol. She is very considerate, but while I can see her being considerate here, I haven't applied the word to her actions here myself.

    I think more Kyrene is needed, lol.

  6. So much to take in - I hardly know what to say!

    Kyrene is a perceptive one, isn't she? I think you've shown that before, if I'm not mistaken.

    Interesting that Kyrene sees the feelings between Alex and Paula but it makes me curious about what Brandon knows, given his powers.

    There's so much sadness to Alex. I have to wonder what happened his child with Lalani. I don't see Alex as someone who would abandon a child willingly.

  7. Ouch! Wow! Great chapter! I'm pretty blown away by it.

    Have read it twice, and still getting the nuances to it.

    Kyrene is amazing. Alex is just... I don't know... more sexy in a way I can't describe. I think I'm with Kyrene when she says that thing about the depths of his goodness and kindness.

    I wonder about the child. And I worry about how Paula's crush will get him into more situations of sadness.

  8. Beautiful shots! And very intimate, a perfect compliment to this story, and their friendship. They have such a friendly and caring relationship.

    Kyrene is still very intriguing to me, and I'd love to see more of her. I do feel that there's more to her than she lets us know. Especially her feelings for these guys. I think it was with Alex I felt this before, and I felt it again here, though she says she wouldn't be jealous, I don't think I believe her, lol! Not like she wants to keep him all to herself, but maybe that she wishes he felt about her the way he feels about Paula, or felt about Lalani. (Or I could be all wrong, lol!) Though I don't get that feeling about her with any of the other guys.

    I'm also curious about what happened to his kid. And of course, what he's here to do!

    Awww, I would like to hope Brandon wouldn't *really* kill them for being together. I mean, for all the action he gets, even if he doesn't like the idea of it, he must understand his sister might like to be with someone? Especially someone who cares about her like Alex does. Unless the reason Brandon would be so upset has to do with this secret purpose we don't know about?

    Can't wait for more!

  9. Oh hey, and note he said, about how many kids Lalani gave him "One, my first." Can we read into that to assume he has more than one child then? He did have three-or-something other wives, didn't he?

    I bet all these guys have a dozen kids around though, don't they? lol!

  10. Okay, I read this like 18 hours ago and I've been mulling it over ever since then. There was so much between the lines here that I'm sure I've still missed some things.

    My first thought when I read the first paragraph was that Aaron was wrong; if Brandon was out screwing around, it wasn't Kyrene. But once I got to the second para that thought seemed irrelevant.

    I'm now more than ever convinced that Lalani is dead, either by her own hand in shame or by someone else's. Something tells me Alex would not have left her behind, defenceless. Is that why he's there, to avenge her? Oh, it just occurred to me, is that his issue with Aaron? Does he hold him responsible in some way? We know that Aaron has visited Alex's tribe.

    I think I have to agree with Laura about Kyrene. Sex with others might be fun for her, but I think there is an attachment with Alex that, although she hadn't planned it, has formed all the same. She knows he doesn't return it, so she pushes it deep and makes light of it. But I think of all her affairs, this is the one that would hurt if it were to end.

  11. Alex is breaking my heart. Of all the characters with all the mystery, Alex and his past just haunts me. It is obvious, OBVIOUS, that there's more between Alex and Paula than protector and protectee.

    Kyrene. When do you ever plan on becoming attached to someone? You can plan for almost anything else, but not that.

    and then there's he would kill Alex if Alex sleeps with Paula? What if that's what Paula wants? Maybe (how can I even say 'maybe' given these people and this world) Paula's preferences don't matter at all. Somebody else is deciding what to do with her.

    You always make me think, want to smash characters and hug them and speak strongly and firmly to them before sending them to the time-out chair...

    Wonderful, incredible writing!

  12. Oh, Alex. I also wonder where his child is, as I don't know if I expect Lalani to still be alive. Kyrene is fast becoming a favourite of mine, and these two are hot together. Poor Paula, though. Something tells me she will understand very little of this situation - at least on an emotional level, even if her head just about gets it.

  13. Carla, Kyrene is very perceptive. I'm sure it has been shown before, most likely inadvertantly because that's just the way she is.

    Brandon is another one who's also perceptive. I'm sure he sees Alex being drawn to Paula, and he knows Paula's drawn to Alex even without his powers. Though his powers have helped that one time when he surprised her and caught a strong thought with Alex on it...

    There is a surprising amount of sadness to Alex. I don't see him as someone who'd abandon a child willingly either, but sometimes there are situations that are out of one's control.

    Kiri, thank you! I think Alex is sexy too, especially because he is unaware of it, lol.

    It's possible that Paula's crush on him could end up hurting him as well. That's the scary thing with feelings at all. Those two especially. They're so different.

    Laura, thank you! I actually had some issues getting these shots and ended up retaking them the day of posting!

    I get that exact same feeling from Kyrene, but it wasn't so articulate. I just know there is something else there. No one can be that healthy, you know? I also wonder if it isn't a case of her pushing people away too while wishing for someone to feel that way about her.

    I think this would be one of Brandon's faults. I think he's actually over protective. Paula could hardly do worse than Alex for a partner. He's a good, caring person, and yet I still think Brandon would be wary. (He might also be another one that affects Kyrene in some way.)

    I was waiting for someone to notice the wording of "my first." You can definitely read into that and assume all you want. He did have more than one wife.

    lol! I would assume so unless they were careful, and I wouldn't bet that they are. But the women would have to be. They're the ones who are going to suffer the effects after all. So in that way the women have a huge burden that makes it all very unfair.

    Illandrya, there's a lot between the lines here, but it will all be made clear in due time. I just thought it was important to lay the brick down. There's a couple of entries like that actually that I'll probably point back to when I'm done, lol.

    Oh you're as insightful as always! You're on the right track, but at the same time it's not exactly what you think. Hopefully the answers will surprise you when they come.

    SB, I'm so glad to hear you say that too. I do think there's more than protector and protectee between Paula and Alex, and I think a lot of it has to do with them both being displaced in a way.

    Oh, I think you hit the issue on the nose with regards to Kyrene. That is a huge question. When will she become attached to someone? Or has she already? Or maybe she thinks she has but the feelings weren't returned. I don't know exactly yet. More of Kyrene is needed, lol.

    I love Brandon, but I do believe that this is his issue. It's not right for him to decide ahead of time something like this for someone, and yet I do believe he would. So you can imagine Pat in the village who he visits like clockwork...

    *imagines sending some of these guys to a time out chair* Haha, oh thank you, that's a great image. And as always thank you for your support. :)

    Rad, you know, I do think you're right. Paula probably wouldn't understand this on an emotional level. But I'm glad you're liking Kyrene. She is a fun character, but I can't see where she's heading exactly yet.

  14. This to me, just proves that Alex is more of a romantic hero than I orignally thought, of course, I look at just about everything through some sort of romance prism, it's where my head is.

    In most romances, the hero knows he is in love when he wants to f*** and protect the woman at the same time.
    Basically how Alex felt toward his wife.
    He is already half-way there with Paula, he is in full protect mode,
    will it advance to another level sometime down the road? Hmmm.
    Kyrene seems very wise~
    And Alex is THE sexy beast.

  15. I think I might be in love--I have been reading your story, the entire thing starting with Edith and Michael, since yesterday afternoon! I have all kinds of things to do and yet I can't seem to navigate away from the page! It makes me a little sad now too that I will have to wait for updates!

    Excellent job with all the characters. As an avid reader I could very much see your stories in the form of a graphic novel and yet it means so much more knowing how you would have had to navigate the Sims to get the shots you wanted--BRAVO!

  16. Drew, LOL! I love it. You know I highly value your romance eye. You are right on all points of course. I'm sure that Alex was very much the romantic hero, at least in his own mind (even though he wouldn't think of it in those terms of course). But in her mind it's a completely different story.

    Thanks for your comment, you did bring a smile to my face just for calling Alex the sexy beast.

    Icrawbeans, welcome, and thank you very much! Even if you have to wait for updates, at least now you'll get things done?

    Thank you! I love graphic novels; that's my main inspiration. But working with sims to get the images that I want is really fun!

    Thank you for a third time for making my night. ^__^

  17. I'm not done with catching up yet, but I need to pause here to mention that this picture is AMAZING:

    I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! It's one of those few pictures that could really say a thousand words. And, it depicted Kyrene's personality very accurately. ;)

    (I don't know if my comment went through earlier on, so I'm posting this again. Sorry if this is a repeat! :S)

  18. Hey Ning, surprisingly, you've just picked out one of my favorite pictures of Kyrene too! I don't know what it is about her there, I always assumed because we're seeing her without make up at all. We are seeing the truest Kyrene here.

    Thank you!