Monday, May 2, 2011

Coming clean: An announcement

I have been editing this since January. Yes. That long. At the end of last year, something occurred to me that sort of set a whole bunch of others things in motion and ended with one thought. I want to write a book.

I've pretty much written it already, and it's already gone through some beta testing. At least the online version. Paula's story has been one I've been working on since high school. I took a break from it, a very long one, while I lived a little bit, read a lot, fell in love, and made new friends.

When I stumbled on the binders with these stories in them a couple of years ago, it surprised me. I hadn't ever really intended on coming back to this story, honestly. I thought it was all crap. But then reading through it, despite the cringe-worthiness, I got an urge to really write again.

You see, this is the only story I've ever really wanted to tell, and so I'd like to do it properly. What you've seen so far has been just a small sample, and that's been chopped to bits to fit in bite sized updates that hopefully read quick but have a lot of impact. But there's more to these stories. A lot more that I can do. Paula's story felt like a race to the finish, and I don't think I did it any real justice.

So-- my announcement. I'm coming clean. I want to self publish my own stories.

The plan is to make a series of books. So far, I have at least two in mind and one possible novella. The first will be an e-book version with maybe even a print version further down the road if I feel it's worth it.

What will happen to this blog? Nothing. This blog will carry on as it has. It won't necessarily be my focus anymore, so maybe I won't do weekly updates? (Though I dunno, I sort of really like weekly updates.)

I plan on taking a break for a bit and working on more stories to post up. I'd like to continue, carrying on and sharing short side stories that have no immediate place. Paula's story will remain up because I'm going to be my own publisher, and I can do what I want.

This blog has become something very important to me. It's something I cherish greatly for all the lessons learned and friendships made. Nothing makes me feel better than the lurkers who come and sit on the blog for an hour, sometimes more. It doesn't always happen, and they don't always leave comments. Sometimes they don't even come back, but any minute of anyone's online time spent here still surprises me.

What will I be asking from all of you? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I'm going off-roading here, in a move anyone else would think is incredibly insane. And maybe it is, but it's my move to make.

My intent with the e-book is to produce a coupon that will make it free for those who read this blog. And you won't have to take any crazy oaths or writs in blood. When it's released, I'll let you know and the coupons will be free to share with whoever you like. It will take a long time for word to get out, and as I stink at self promotion, word of mouth will be key.

So consider this the official announcement. I plan to have the e-book version released by Spring of 2012. I now have 54,000 words on it which is much more than the word count for the online story.

Anon comments are always on, so if I'm crazy and some anon wants to tell me so, feel free to blast the idea, ask questions, whatever. I need to be able to stand up to criticism if I'm going to release something into the "real" world.

Honestly I've been thinking this through for months now. I've been doing research, and I feel this is the right move for this project and possibly other strange ones that I have sitting in my head. Hopefully people will be entertained.

My new-ish Writing Blog (With a post all about what I've learned from this blog.)

My writing Twitter

Bonus: The first three chapters of the novel version on Mediafire.


  1. Lunar,

    Good for you, go for it. I wish you all the best for your endeavors, you have a fantastic storytelling/writing ability, and I am pleased you are going to publish.

    I am slowly making my way through people's updates, so I will be at Ruin soon, (I am going alphabetically, lol) But I hear you about the sims. They are taking the backseat in my life too. I will still be doing it, just not my top priority any longer.
    Things change. We move on. Good for you. All the very best. You know I will be reading anything you do.

  2. Well you know, if you're crazy then so am I! :D

    I'm very excited to see Ruin transformed into a novel series, and for your stories reach a whole new audience of readers! I just know everyone is going to adore this series as much as we do!

  3. Go for it! Never hold onto the training wheels, kick them aside and move on. You are an incredible writer with some stunning vision. I'm absolutely positive you'll find a whole world of readers.

  4. I don't think you're even close to crazy! I've told you more than once that I think Ruin could stand on its own and I really truly believe that. I'm looking forward to seeing that happen and I'm very excited for you!

  5. Drew, aw thank you.

    Don't worry. Ruin won't be going anywhere, and hey, I'm taking a break anyway, so no extra updates to catch up on for a while! So take your time, lol.

    Thanks again Drew, and you know it'll be the same here. I can't wait for Timeless Heart to be released. ;D

    Laura, lol, well, then we can be crazy together. If we talk to our characters out loud at the same time, do you think people will assume you and I are having a conversation?

    I'm glad someone believes that, lol. (Kidding. I think there will be people out there who'll like it.)

    SB, I grip onto the training wheels like mad. (Huh, actually, that's true. I think I remember using them a lot longer than the other neighborhood kids.) And I'm probably still not letting go, but I'm rather stubborn in all aspects of life.

    Thank you, SB, for all your kind words and all your support.

    Carla, aww, thank you! You know your support has really meant the world to me. You and Laura were the first to make comments on the blog, and I was rather sure it wouldn't go any further than that.

    Thanks for always reading and supporting.

  6. Woohoo! Free coupon!
    For that, I would un-lurk myself.


  7. Hey Lepifera. Well you know, who can resist free? And I'm very pro free anyway even if I start selling things and asking for money. But then I am a little crazy. It's why I'm self publishing/going indie. I can do what I want. :)

  8. I'm glad to hear you've decided to do this. I've said to you in the past that you should publish and you know what? A lot of writers are going the route of self publishing these days. The industry, well, 'sucks' and is ruled by what's popular and what's the current fad. And what's popular/the current fad may sell and make a lot of profit but the stories don't really appeal to readers like me who prefer something different and outside the 'norm' so to speak.

    You're the second writer I know who has decided to go the self publishing route and I wish you a huge huge huge amount of success!

    Also, don't forget those e-readers. A lot of people seem to have them these days and later on down the track once word gets out, you can even sell your stories via this format.

    Good Luck with your writing endeavours and keep us updated on your progress!

  9. im one of your more quiet lurkers and I love Ruin I cant wait to see what you come up with next

    Little Red

  10. Thanks, Carnaxa, for the well wishes. I'm quite determined to get it done and do it my way. I knew I could never get published-- because I didn't want to. It's my story and I'm determined to do it the way I think is best for it. It's not really a mass market type story, but it has its own merit and its own way of being told.

    All of the major retails accept self published work. There are various channels to go through and I will definitely be going through them all. :)

    Thank you! I definitely will.

    LittleRedRidingHood, hello and thank you! Even if you don't usually comment, that you're reading along with us and sharing your valuable internet time here means the world to me. Thank you for your words of support! I do have more stuff coming that I'm way too excited to get to.

  11. I don't think that you are crazy at all, you are an amazing storyteller and only one of the few sims story writers who's stories I can follow without even looking at pictures, pictures in your stories are extra, a bonus, the art of words is what really captures me.
    I have to admit I am one of those lurkers, always reading on a feedreader but never having time to comment(hopefully this has now changed) I might not comment but I love each update and enjoy reading them with my cup of coffee... So do still give us some updates here, world of worlds would be so empty without your weekly updates:)

  12. Victory celebration?

  13. Speechless, thank you so very much.

    I am working on the next two stories. I still have plenty in store.

    Such kind words, I am very flattered and they mean so much. Thank you.

    Migy, lol! Well, one of these days. We can celebrate my word count. I'm at 59k as of today. :D

  14. I have never made a comment before, but I have read your entire story. I lost my dad in February and I got a little behind, so I just finished reading it today. I have absolutely enjoyed reading your story. You have a very unique style and I think you should share it. I would be greatly interested in reading your e-book when you finish it. Keep doing what you are doing and people will keep logging in and reading.

  15. Kennon, I'm sorry for your loss.

    Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. They have really meant a lot to me, and I've had the window open for days now trying to think of something more to say than just "thank you." It does mean a lot to me.