Friday, August 12, 2011

Post is coming!

I'm pretty sure that there will be a post coming this weekend sometime.

In the meantime, the book is out on Smashwords. Get it for free with this code: PA66B


  1. Hi Lunar, just dlded it then and I look forward to reading it. Hopefully that will be soon, though I'm not so sure, I haven't even had a chance to read Drew's yet, lol!

    Well done though on finally having it published. :)

  2. Ooh, very nice indeed, and very generous giving us the code too :)

  3. Jennifer, you haven't read Drew's yet? Oh you must! I thought it was darn awesome and so hot. Set aside time to read that one!

    Thank you!

    Thanks, poida. Even though I'm handing the code around like candy, I figure that no matter what, readers of this blog will always get the free code for anything I publish since technically, you all are my beta readers. Hey, I needed test subjects-- I mean readers, and you all are the best.