Saturday, September 17, 2011

As Laura says

...this is why I've got nothing.

Sorry the update is now a month late! A lot of things have been going on. First off, I met my extended family. And by extended, I mostly mean really far away. An older half sister of mine and her daughter. It was their first visit out, and the first time in about 40 years that my oldest half sister has even seen our father.

Plus, another story I've been working on for publishing has just been finished. An all new story which is the companion to Ruin\Paula's story. This one is about Jimmy and his experience with Killer. I'm excited to work on that one. It's much shorter, but has a lot more action than Paula's story. An artist has already been found for the cover too! That's how close I am. I'm hoping to have it out by December.

Also, I'm working on a print version of Paula's story. (See above.) My boyfriend is reading through it mercilessly, picking out every little typo and odd formatting error to make sure it looks good. (Which then gets me going-- "omg, how did I miss that? But is the story good? Really?" That is why loved ones shouldn't read my stuffs-- I will drive him crazy-- but he's got a great no non-sense eye for these things, and he's never read the story before.)

And I've been beta reading for Laura of Lakeside Heights. She is amazing. I'm certain that anyone reading this blog here is already reading Laura's stuff, so I can only rub it in your faces that I get to be one of the special people to take a first look at her story. Nyah! (Was that a jerky thing to do?) I've also been beta reading for Van of Naroni (among many), and if you aren't reading her stuff, you should be!

It sounds like I'm really busy, but I'm not. I'm just lazy, so I try to do as much as possible in as little time as possible. That is also what I call efficiency. :) I'm hoping that I'll get things back to "normal" soon-ish here.


  1. I'm so happy for you! Your writing is so unique and so good, it deserves print exposure. I hope you keep going!

  2. I'm so happy for all these exciting things you have going on! Paula's story was wonderful and I already told you I can't wait to read Jimmy's.

    "I'm just lazy, so I try to do as much as possible in as little time as possible. That is also what I call efficiency."

    I call that "genius", lol! My hat is off to you! ;)

  3. Oooh, the book looks so good! Even though I don't often read physical books, I'm still looking forward to flipping through a paper copy. And put it on my bookshelf! You know what? You're going to live between Mallory's Le Morte D'Arthur, and Cormac McCarthy's The Road! :D

    And awww, you're too nice! But I think I similarly teased everyone when I was reading your beta draft too, so maybe we're both jerks, lol!

    You've been working so hard with this, and it's so exciting to see all these stories becoming real and tangible things! :)

  4. S.B., *blush* thank you.

    Carla, haha thanks.

    Laura, lol! What an awesome place for the book on your bookshelf.

    Thanks, Laura.